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The only real-time search engine to browse +3Mio construction sites worldwide. Track their progress from planning to realisation.

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Your search engine for construction tenders

All on one platform. Track relevant construction tenders. Analyse background information of involved companies.

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Spot Relevant Construction Sites Even Earlier

Spot new construction projects relevant to your business months before your competition and without manual research. Contact decision makers early on and strategically influence your project value.
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Track Construction Progress in Real-Time

Automatically track relevant construction projects and their progress in real-time - from planning to realization - and easily analyze involved companies and their background information.

Contact Decision Makers at the Perfect Time

Easily track the development of relevant construction projects, and contact decision makers like architects, contractors and investors at the perfect time to influence your project value.
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Automate your sales process

Use the Building Radar search engine and never again miss a construction tender in your target market. Our smart search algorithms work 24/7 to get the newest data for you.

Receive notifications about construction tenders automatically

Companies, which are the first to apply for a construction tender, have a crucial advantage compared to their competitors. Therefore, many companies use a high amount of their resources, or even their very own research team, to be the firs knowing about new tenders. Building Radar set his sights on revolutionising the construction sector and to drastically increase the efficiency of your sales. The Building Radar platform helps you to receive information about construction tenders in your chosen region the earliest possible. Browse through information about open tenders, contractees, as well as tender results directly on only one platform. Additionally, activate automatic Email notifications for new construction tenders in your region. The Building Radar platform enables you to divide construction tenders according to crafts such as civil engineering or structural engineering. By the use of the search engine, you never again miss a construction tender in your market. You increase your sales active time by the availability of relevant contact information significantly and boost your incoming orders.

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Zero effort

Automatically get the right construction leads tailored to your needs based on your usage behaviour.

Always informed

Stay up-to-date throughout the whole construction bidding process. Get alerts every time when your tracked projects are updated, or new projects match your profile.

Know the people in charge

Analyse a company’s association with architects, contractors, owners etc., through historical and ongoing construction project comparisons.

Advanced business intelligence

Which companies fit you strategically? Where (regions or verticals) are your competitors most active? Who works with whom?

Optimise your sales process now

  • Find verified construction tenders
  • Stop the time-consuming search for fitting construction tenders and maximise your sales
  • Receive the newest information about construction tenders in your region and worldwide
  • Analyse the actions and strategic cooperations of your competitors
  • Get valid information for example about construction tender results
  • Receive information about the global commercial properties market in real-time by the Building Radar platform
  • Automate your sales
  • Use precise analysation tool and analyse actual market trends
  • Find construction tenders all over the world

  • No download necessary to use the platform – get started even today
  • Find public construction tenders and filter them according to your preferences
  • Analyse the actual global construction market
  • Stop wasting your time by manual qualification
  • Optimise your sales process
  • Never again miss information of a construction tender
  • Conduct market analyses and set up forecasts
  • Manage all interesting construction tenders on only one platform
  • Detect all relevant information about construction tenders worldwide by the Building Radar platform
  • Stop losing time by research and focus on selling your products

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