Leads for Heating company Viessmann®

Why did you decide to create leads for heating systems and climate services via Building Radar?

Building Radar’s unique algorithm provides us with automated customer leads according to our geographical preferences. With it, we can implement our sales strategies more systematically, with twice the results in half the time.
Getting the right customer leads is very important for us, as our company is very customer-oriented. A company like Viessmann operates globally, providing the best products to its customers to keep them satisfied. We used to depend on traditional methods of acquiring customer leads i.e. through the Yellow Pages and research teams. However, we sometimes found we were came in when the projects where too advanced, losing out on potential clients. Through Building Radar‘s unique algorithm and satellite technology, we now get leads from all over the world that get updated at least all 24 hours, and contact potential clients accordingly. Building Radar has helped us achieve two goals:

  • Get automated leads according to our preferences. Now we can direct our sales force in the right direction so that they work to gain the right clients, worldwide.
  • With those new clients we increased our margin by 20%
  • Get reliable leads. The data from Building Radar‘s leads is reliable, detailed and up to date, which makes us understand market demands and customers’ needs more efficiently.

Building Radar has helped us revamp our sales process, double the sales pipeline and we now apply the algorithm to our international sales teams. The costs involved are minimal, when compared with those for traditional research agency. This has meant we can invest more in our customers. Now we meassure where our products sell better, and know where our potential clients are. Building Radar has opened a new era for us to different markets where we can invest and establish a new customer base.
We now contact customers where we not only have a strong foothold, but also where we can expect double digit growth. Building Radar‘s satellite technology, also gives us a real-time image of the construction phase, which saves us the time and expense of a physical visiting the project side. The future looks bright and interesting for Building Radar because with their product, they have an innovative solution for a huge industry.


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