Leads for flooring suppliers Stanko Team

Why did you decide create leads for flooring suppliers with Building Radar?

We have long been searching for an affordable way of getting leads for construction projects according to our specifications. Traditionally, we hired consultants or relied on paper directories for leads, but this proved more than five times more expensive than Building Radar and the results were poor. Building Radar has provided us with a solution which keeps us up to date with several thousand current, new, completed and proposed projects in southern Germany at competitive rates.
Building Radar‘s satellite technology also helps us save 8 hours of driving and examination in every single project. Real-time images mean we can avoid site visits to check on construction progress. With Building Radar, we can invest our time in profit generating projects, and are far ahead of our competitors.

What were your benefits from generating seads for flooring suppliers with Building Radar?

Building Radar has helped us:


Munich (Germany) Flooring Suppliers
Region: Bavaria, Germany
Industry: flooring
Size: Small business

Product bought by customer

Product Building Radar
# of Accounts 2
Regional access Bavaria, Germany
Construction phase access competition, planning, under construction

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