Leads for Interior Designers at Vitra®

Why did you decide create Leads for interior designers with Building Radar?

Architects are usually the first people we want to approach with our product, as they have all the specifications for a construction project. Therefore, learning as much as we possibly can about their work is key for us to successfully coordinate with architects. We were searching for a comprehensive catalogue with a wide range of information on different architects. Information on their office locations, management team, current projects and exhibition attendances were details to which we wanted access. Overall the entries that Building Radar can show us have in average more than 20 essential attributes for us to make use of.
Building Radar provided us with all of this relevant information. The platform was easy to use so that we all felt comfortable using it within hours. And the information was current and reliable. We now rely heavily on the information provided by Building Radar to contact our clients, as it has helped us compare projects from different corners of the country within the blink of an eye. Building Radar also gives you an option of having multiple accounts, which has proved very useful for us.

What were your benefits from generating leads for interior designers with Building Radar?

Building Radar has helped us:
  • Since subscribing to the Building Radar service, we never missed out on new projects in the areas or by the 1000+ architects we follow
  • Sometimes we have special requests – e.g. finding new building constructions from our key account customers or seeking an overview of the activity of specific Fortune 500 companies. After making a short inquiry Building Radar gave us a short notice, and their specially trained research team went to work, delivering results within a day
  • The system is so easy to use; we only had to make a short introduction. No training required
  • Building Radar has a very efficient support function which is very diligent to work on the product to make it more even more user-friendly and customer-centered


Basel (Switzerland) Interior Supplier
Region: Worldwide
Industry: Design furniture
Annual Turnover: ~€300M

Product bought by customer

Product Building Radar
# of Accounts undisclosed
Regional access worldwide
Construction phase access all

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