Leads for lighting company LUXADD™

Why did you decide create leads for lighting industry companies with Building Radar?

Having a lighting solution with substantial costs savings for potential customers, but no customer base or leads to build on, made a market breakthrough for us in our early phases difficult. The classic cold calls and conventional visits from our 2 people sales team weren’t doing the trick. Then Building Radar enabled us to directly reach out to customers who we knew would benefit from our product. Our two sales guys could instantly compete with big companies. Building Radar helped our sales team to really cut down sales leads research time completely; now the sales team can focus entirely on converting leads instead. Building Radar drives about 80% of our sales, and helps us better understand our portfolio of clients.

Building Radar has not only helped us established a strong customer base with some 350 new leads monthly in our region, but also generate new clients from different industries. We knew our solution was helpful for certain construction projects, but through Building Radar, we have identified new clients in new sectors, realising the true potential of our product. Building Radar is an affordable product for finding the right customers for a company, and make companies realise their true potential. In the end it really comes down to one number: does it generate more revenue, than it costs? The answer is clearly YES!

What were your benefits from generating leads for lighting industry with Building Radar?

Building Radar has helped us:
  • growing our business by 85% in new regions, where we had little experience and limited connections.
  • to find on average 12 relevant hot leads daily to convert them into clients. We now convert multiple new clients on a weekly basis, just thanks to their construction leads.
  • to strategically asses new market opportunities, thanks to worldwide more than 1 million construction projects, connected to awesome analytics features
  • to minimize time spend on construction leads research to 0h/week so that sales stuff can entirely focus on active selling. Thanks to Building Radar, we now have more leads in better quality than before.


Miami (FL) lighting solutions provider
Region: U.S.
Industry: lighting
Size: Small business

Product bought by customer

Product Building Radar
# of Accounts 2
Regional access Florida
Construction phase access competition, planning, under construction

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