Leads for Room System Solutions Supplier Gerhard Braun GmbH

Why did you decide to create leads for room system solutions using Building Radar?

We are a medium sized entreprise in the construction sector that is defined by success. As such we are excited about finding new ways to boost our success and increase our service quality. The original and simple idea of Building Radar caught our attention immediately. We are a happy client from the first minute and ever since. And why shouldn’t we. The team shows great passion in what they are doing and the payoff is with us. Even in early times Building Radar could increase our sales performance by up to 14% every single month. Yet it is so much more than just an outstanding tool for sales. We also use it internally in oder to assess new market opportunities and to do market research. In former times we had to employ several expensive tools to do this and our personal was stressed out with hard to use software. But recently one of my coworkers told me how much she loved working with the Building Radar software. “It is as easy to use as Facebook,” she told me with a smile on her face.

What were your benefits from generating leads for room system with Building Radar?

Building Radar has helped us:
  • More sales. Every month we sell more, with increases as steep as 14% on a monthly bases.
  • Time savings. Our research projects are finished in average 30% faster and are hence the first projects to be completed UNDER BUDGET!
  • Better quality. The extensive database of Building Radar allows us to totally rely on Building Radar instead of a combination of other Suits.
  • Exceptional Team. The Building Radar Crew is frenetic about getting Feedback on how to improve their already superior services.


Bavaria (Germany) Partitions and Room System Solutions
Gerhard Braun GmbH
Region: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Industry: interior
Size: Medium-sized business

Product bought by customer

Product Building Radar
# of Accounts 12
Regional access Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Construction phase access under construction, completed

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