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Building projects without limits

Tall, stunning or just innovative building projects – architects, designers, and construction building contractors try to exceed those principles since centuries. Whose building project is the highest? Which building is the most impressive? Which building projects are on the first page of the newspapers?

We present the Building Radar Top 5 of the most impressive construction projects worldwide:

1. Embassy Gardens – Sky Pool
2. Agora Garden Tower
3. Kingdom Tower
4. Al-Shamal stadium in Doha, Qatar
5. Cloud Towers

1. Embassy Gardens – Sky Pool

Top 5 Bauprojekte by Building Radar

Embassy Gardens is a designed riverside district on London’s South Bank. Two residential buildings are connected by a 25-meter pool. The 1.20-meter deep basin of transparent acrylic allows the residents to swim between the houses in the height of 35 meters – view of Big Ben, the London Eye, and the new American Embassy included. Next, to the private pool access, there are some more benefits like a private cinema, gym, spa, a sky deck, and an orangery for the residents.

Ballymore Group – Founded in 1982, the Irish architecture firm has over 5,500 employees and is still managed by its founder, Sean Mulryan.

Location London, United Kingdom
Architecture Ballymore Group
Completion 2017
Special feature First sky-pool worldwide
Costs Embassy Garden Project: Pound 1 billion
Apartments: Cheapest Pound 600,000

2. Agora Garden Tower

Top 5 Building Projects Worldwide By Building Radar

This building is a prime example of sustainable construction work. The highlight is the 1000 square meter photovoltaic area on the rooftop. At the top solar radiation is converted into electricity and fed into the electrical system of the residential building. Also, rainwater is filtered by the landscaped garden on the rooftop and injected into the water system.

Vincent Callebaut Architectures – The Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has an excellent reputation as archibiotec. In the past ten years, he has planned over 50 innovative and sustainable projects.

Location Taipei, Taiwan
Architecture Vincent Callebaut Architectures
Completion 2017
Special feature Self-sufficient use of renewable energy
Costs not specified

3. Kingdom Tower

Top 5 Building Projects Worldwide By Building Radar

The Kingdom Tower, as well called the Jeddah Tower was supposed to be named “Mile High Tower”. The building was planned to reach a height of 1,600 meters (one mile). Unfortunately, the ground condition was unsuitable for a tower of that height. Anyway, after finishing the construction work, the Kingdom Tower will achieve a final height of 1,000 meter – still 172 meters higher than the current tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa).

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture LLP – The Company was founded by the partners Adrian Smith, Robert Fore and Gordon Gill in 2006. Nowadays 100 employees in Chicago and Beijing realize the current projects.

Location Dschidda, Saudi-Arabia
Architecture Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture LLP
Completion 2019
Special feature Highest building worldwide
Costs Euro 13.2 billion

4. Al-Shamal stadium in Doha, Qatar

Top 5 Building Projects Worldwide By Building Radar
The Al-Shamal stadium is planned and build for the FIFA World Championship 2022 in Qatar. The architecture is inspired by the boats of the golf fisher. Matching the background of the idea it is possible to reach the stadium from the sea. The stadium will use solar technology to serve the power requirements. The total capacity will provide space for 45,120 people.

Albert Speer & Partner GmbH – Established in 1964, more than 180 employees do work for the company 53 years later. Special fields of business are projects regarding culture and education, sports venues, airport, and trade-fair planning and the planning of major sporting events.

Location Madinat ash Shamal, Qatar
Architecture Albert Speer & Partner GmbH
Completion 2017
Special feature Self-sufficient use of solar energy
Costs not specified

5. Cloud Towers

The cloud towers are a residential development of the Yongsan Business district in the South-Korean capital Seoul. The two towers are connected to each other by a pixelated cloud between the 27 and 37 floors. That impressive construction work is positioned at the entrance of the Yongsan Dreamhub project, a project designed by the Studio Libeskind.

MVRDV was founded in 1993 by Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The work of MVRDV is published worldwide and has received numerous international awards.

Location Seoul, South Korea
Architecture MVRDV
Special feature Residentials and offices in the form of a cloud
Completion 2022
Costs Not specified

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