Building Radar Platform Update – 07/2017

Every software is a constant work in progress. New features are added, existing features being improved and the design enhanced. The same is true for Building Radar. This July we introduce another major step in the development. By giving you easier access to relevant information on construction projects, it also will be easier to integrate Building Radar in daily workflows and into teams. Here is a brief overview of some of the most significant and exciting functions:

1. INBOX – get news and updates in one spot
2. E-MAILS – stay up to date
4. A GLANCE INTO THE FUTURE- progress in the next weeks and months

1. INBOX – get news and updates in one spot

With the recent update, we present the Building Radar Inbox. The previous menu options “dashboard” and “notification bell” are now combined. Search results are automatically sorted into corresponding folders. Just touch the menu option “inbox” with your cursor, and you will get an overview of the latest results. With just one click you get more detailed information about the construction project.

TIP: Use the Building Radar Inbox as a first step:
Start to work with the Inbox Zero System to regain back the control of your emails! Read more about the INBOX ZERO in our blog post.

2. E-MAILS – stay up to date

You will notice some significant design enhancement the next time you open a Building Radar email. Already, the headline will hint the type of information entailed in the email. At one glance you get the information if the email is triggered because of an update to an existing project you marked relevant or a new search result.

3. Your feedback implemented by us

With your next login you will notice some design updates as well:

  • Visual Appearance
  • The visual appearance has been improved. With the smart use of colour and shadow, the menu options are now clearly separated from their surroundings.

  • Search results with a description
  • The search results provide a brief description in the list view. With this information, you can evaluate the priority of a project in an easier and faster way.

  • Ranking of results
  • The ranking of the results is optimised: The most recent updated information is listed at the top.

  • Menu options
  • The arrangement of the menu options (Inbox, Lead Manager, Product Search, Project Search) has been improved as well. The focus is now on the cooperation of “Inbox” and “Lead Manager”.

4. A glance into the future – progress in the next weeks and months

Experienced Building Radar user know this: The platform is in constant development progress. We are always working on improvements to make your work on the platform simpler and faster. Future advancements will impact the search mask, the presentation of the search results as well as the improvement of the collaboration across your internal teams.

  • Faster detection of construction projects – search masks enhancement
  • We target to simplify the construction project search. A big part of this evolution progress will be the rework of the search fields and the edit of the present parameters.

  • Construction projects in your Inbox – saving time
  • With the inbox, we have taken a big step and have introduced the Inbox Zero System. Notifications are immediately and automatically imported into the previously created search profiles. With this feature, you will notice that processing your messages is way quicker than before. The new functionality saves you time and keeps you up to date. The inbox principle is further developed to provide even more possibilities for your time saving and simplified use.

  • Teamwork
  • The interaction between several users will be a big part. You will be able to send projects to another Building Radar user and also collaborate in teams on projects. The improvements will set your teamwork to a new level.

We want your feedback

Do you have any questions or remarks for our new way of tracking projects? Please do get in touch by sending an email to your Building Radar account manager. Or write us to


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