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Simplify your lead processing with the new “Custom Fields”

Lead management can be a major cause of inefficiencies in companies. Incomplete and generic information often results in leads not being utilized by the sales force. Often, the requalifications of data are not documented accurately. This can lead to invested work not being recorded and all efforts being wasted. Not even the best lead generation tool is of much help in these cases. This is where the so-called “Lead-Odyssey” begins.

Especially the active adaptation of special features such as “push notifications” or “CRM integration” helps our customers with staying on top of their sales process. In particular, the high relevance of individual leads adds high value without creating additional effort. The Integration of custom fields now enables more intuitive lead processing. For the first time, it is possible to edit and add comments to individual information of selected leads.

What does this mean for Building Radar users?

Building Radar searches over a million articles online 24/7 and generates around 16,000 new building projects from that data every day. With Building Radars own artificial intelligence, the search algorithms can precisely identify information about construction projects. The selected information (such as the construction phase, volume of investment and contacts) is being extracted and converted to be accessible for customers on our platform.

Individual fields of your CRM can now be synchronized and integrated into our software. At the push of a button, leads are created and maintained so that information in your CRM corresponds to the current status of all data. System breaks are eliminated and you can easily store all data from start to finish.

Even without your own CRM, you can significantly improve the quality of your leads. Imagine not having a CRM tool in use and still wanting to enrich your leads with additional information. This no longer represents a problem. The preliminary work for the sales force can be designed in even more detail and individually processed leads can be forwarded. The sales force then receives qualified leads of improved quality, resulting in work being continued faster. This saves time and increases efficiency, leaving your sales team much more satisfied with the preparatory work.


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