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Generation change: the smart era for construction project leads.

During our previous article, we investigated the relevance of construction market research. We came to the conclusion that thorough construction market intelligence is central to optimising one’s sales performance. The implementation of construction project leads does not only increase efficiency but prevents your business from both, taking inconsiderate risks as well as unnecessary costs connected to ill-deliberated sales strategies. Indeed construction project leads will enable you to identify and target potential clients early on in the sales process. Thus you can maximise your time and focus, significantly increasing growth and revenue. In this spirit, the cost that comes with construction project leads must be perceived as an investment rather than a payment. In essence, the initial investment into construction sales leads services functions as a multiplier. It triggers continuous sales successes, based on the tailor-made identifications provided by construction sales services. E.g. with Building Radar you even have the possibility to test the leads service quality before the actual purchase.

Having established the importance of investing in professionally conducted construction project leads, I want to devote this article to the benefits of outsourcing your construction project leads.

Outsource vs. in-house

Today it is widely accepted that sales leads offer exceptional service to every business’s sales strategy. Intelligence and real-time knowledge may be regarded as the currency of every sales business, as it is the key to being one step ahead of your competition. Be at the right spot, at the right time. More importantly, however, it has been recorded that outsourced construction project leads accomplish 43% better results in comparison to in-house operations. This substantial comparative advantage underscores the benefits of investing in professionally conducted construction project leads.

1. The past: in-house construction project leads
2. Next generation- capitalise on your outsourcing opportunities

1. The past: in-house construction project leads

Within a business, each sales manager commonly devotes a certain amount of his time towards construction project leads. Due to the abundance of employees engaging in sales leads, the product, first of all, lacks coherency– everyone contributes but no one is responsible. In essence, in-house construction project leads foster an environment where an abundance of sales managers are contributing to a product neither of them is specialised in. Hence the layman, that is the in-house employee, lacks the basic intellectual capabilities to perform the highly complex construction project leads task. Accordingly, his or her results will be at best mediocre. Simultaneously the sales manager will inevitably lose the very time he or she should devote to their natural sales duties.

In-house construction project leads efforts will include a variety of approaches ranging from online and offline efforts. Due to the lack of a defined process and structure, many opportunities will be simply be forgotten about. The negligent treatment of key intelligence will, therefore, result in below-average sales prospects.

One of the primary issues in-house leads face is the insufficient understanding of what a construction sales lead essentially is. The severity of this foundational problem directly translates into a business’s sales performance.

Moreover, due to the abundance of employees involved in in-house sales lead communication is oftentimes very poor; a lack of communication also means a lack of feedback. Hence mistakes are frequently repeated and will harm the business’s performance long-term. Thus a lack of communication will cause the effective minimisation of opportunities.

In addition, targeting quality will almost certainly differ from the targeted intelligence professional lead services provide. Oftentimes in-house construction project leads will stop their investigations as soon as they identify an avenue for contact within a targeted firm. A channel contact point is not by far as valuable as THE contact point needed in order to comfortably make your sale. Laymen frequently fail to properly identify the person in charge of making a decision. Whilst they lack the expertise to find the person in charge, they, too, fail to collect the hard facts: the proposal that is needed in order to actually make their sale.

From hierarchy point-of-view, senior salesmen are the ones who close a deal- the big billers. Thus the most junior members of the team commonly assume the essential construction project leads task. Those with the least market knowledge as well as those with the naivité to believe a deal is closed as soon as they have gotten through to a target’s reception desk. Therefore using in-house construction project leads will regularly result in meetings with the wrong prospects, i.e. a waste of time.

2. Next generation- capitalise on your outsourcing opportunities

Outsourcing your construction project leads means employing a firm whose prime task it is to deliver first-class intelligence. Their knowledge will enable you to maximise both, your time and investments. Sales leads will facilitate a notable sales improvement; increasing growth and revenue by means of premier technological tools designed to enhance your economic performance. Using services that identify your construction project leads via smart algorithms will provide you with leads that come with a contract attached, due to the meticulous accuracy with which modern technology is able to custom tailor your lead.

In the following, we have pointed out the most prominent aspects that help the new lead generation to distinguish itself from in-house sales leads. No doubt they have raised the bar of the construction intelligence game:

  • Clear prospect distinction:

    Professional construction project leads firms will identify each and every tiny facet about a prospective client and will, therefore, detect a second to none range of perfectly matching clients

  • Neat target process:

    Next generation sales leads services will provide you the contact information of the person in charge of the buying decision. Particularly algorithms will find the latest data available to prevent time costly detours

  • Lead quality:

    You are investing in pure service quality and can, therefore, prevent costs as the result of negligent information (misleading information) that will lack the depth of professionally accumulated information

  • Responsibility:

    Professional construction project leads will have to live up to their promise from day one onwards; whilst in-house sales leads need to, first of all, investigate their new task and markets. Therefore you can hold responsible for the professional service, whereas you would have to be forbearing with an in-house service. This scenario will undoubtedly trigger higher costs and lack the efficiency world-class technologies could otherwise provide your sales managers with

In retrospective, outsourced construction project leads will almost certainly provide you with substantially more efficient services that in-house sales leads can. Whilst the new generation of sales leads are outsourced leads, the future is investing in services that use algorithms. These further excel the intellectual capability and accuracy of every human labor-based construction project leads. Twenty-first-century algorithms are able to reduce both, your costs and risks, whilst heavily increasing your opportunities for business development. Outsourced construction project leads can, therefore, generate a significantly greater number of opportunities within a shorter period of time than in-house sales leads can. Simultaneously your return of investment is higher whilst your levels of investment are comparatively smaller.

Don’t play in the Cotton Bowl if you can send your team to a BCS title game. Step up your game and be part of the smart generation.


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