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It has been an amazing first year for us since we started our commercial operations, for that reason we want to share with you this first year of grateful experiences.

A year of achievements

It is dazzling to think about how far our idea has reached. It has become the first fully automated lead engine for construction projects. In April of 2015 we start our commercial operations, later from October to December we won the Copernicus Masters Competition, Founder Competition of the German Family Offices and the Disruptive Technology Challenge 2015 and join the program. In just the first two months of 2016, we were the winners of the 2016 ESA Space App Camp in Barcelona and we increase our office space opening a new headquarters nearby Google’s new office in Munich to offer our IT wizards and our experienced and motivated sales and marketing guys a better environment and conditions to improve the look and feel of the service. To top it off, in March Building Radar started its operations in Silicon Valley at the head of Bastian Burger.

Building_Radar_receives_the_prizeBuilding Radar receives the ESA Space App Camp

How Building Radar was born

The company was founded by Paul Indinger and Leopold Neuerburg with previous experience in the construction industry and search at Google Inc respectively. They had the vision to offer a unique product that offers more technologically-driven ways to overcome issues related with the painful process of construction sites research. After 1 year of experimentation with a team of search algorithm, big data and satellite experts including Artem Ostankov, Raoul Friedrich, and Serge Konrad the team finally had their break through: by combining semantic search methodologies with data mining, machine learning, and satellite technologies, the algorithm they developed could automatically detect whenever a new construction site was published online without needing any human labour. That was how Building Radar was born.

Paul-Leo-ArtemPaul Indinger, Leopold Neuerburg and Artem Ostankov

Our present

We know that all this has been accomplished thanks to the commitment of each member of our team, for that reason we work and train every day to improve the product and the most up-to-date construction leads platform, offering all construction phases and high data quality. Our weekly coverage with fresh images makes a very detailed observation possible. Currently, the team works to improve features like lead management and satellite imaging and strive to make our innovative interface, even more, user friendly. Our customers include market leaders from various industries such as Viessmann, Vitra and Gerhardt Braun.

building-radar-platformSearch engine for construction projects

The future

We have accomplished a lot together this first year of commercial operation but still we have much more to achieve. Today we are thinking more about the Building Radar future. We are impressed by the vision and talent in our company, the result is evident and we rely in the experience and motivation of our team to offer our clients the best product that revolutionizes and will continue to revolutionize the construction industry.

Thanks to our customers, investors, partners, and team and everybody that has trust in Building Radar and have helped to make this a great 1st year. We plan to keep your needs in mind as we grow! For today, we want to leave you with some inspiring words from our co-founder Raoul: Last year was special. The next years will be revolutionary: together with our customers we will reinvent the way to do sales within the construction business!

Author: Angela Venegas


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