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Architects and Mother’s Day

One Sunday in May, many countries celebrate mother’s day in order to thank their mothers for all the hard work and effort they put in the education of every one of us. This special occasion will occur this Sunday. So we take the opportunity to thank our mothers with a very Building Radar like the article. For mother’s day, Building Radar wants to allude to all mothers and how they have been an inspiration to several architects. The constructions in these articles have been directly or indirectly been inspired by the architect’s mothers.

Buildings inspired by mother´s:

1. House in House by Marc Koehler
2. Roger’s house designed by Richard Rogers
3. House and a Studio by Charles Gwathmey

1. House in House by Marc Koehler

This home tries to blend in its environment while taking a unique turn on geometrical conventions. The idea arose from Marc Koehler’s mother. The original intent for the house’s construction was a gift for her. At the end of the project, she kept the house. It was called the House in House because of the separate entrance to the office space giving a twofold appearance and function to the house. The layout of the house is a result of a combination of three enclosed volumes and the common spaces in between them.

Roger's House designed by Richard RogersHouse in House by Marc Koehler

2. Roger’s house designed by Richard Rogers

The Roger’s house is a bungalow home in the London suburb of Wimbledon Village. It was designed by Richard Rogers in 1968 for his mother. It is one of his lesser-known architectural works. Sources of inspiration the design the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Renzo Piano. The house balances the openness of shear glass facades to provide privacy to his parents. It also incorporates within the design a separate flat and pottery studio with the objective to provide a sound barrier.

House in House by Marc Koehler for Mother's DayRoger’s House designed by Richard Rogers

3. House and a Studio by Charles Gwathmey

Charle Gwathmey designed a house and a studio for his parents, the American painter Robert Gwathmey and the photographer Rosalie Gwathmey. Gwathmey became famous with this work and his designed was considered one of the most influential of the modern era buildings using geometrical elements such as cubes, triangles, and cylinders. The house with 1.200 square feet was designed as a summer residence. The intent was to make the house and the studio seem carved from a solid volume rather than assembled as pieces. The smaller studio sits at a 45-degree angle to the original house, but it reflects the house’s design.

House and a Studio by Charles GwathmeyHouse and a Studio by Charles Gwathmey

Author: Angela Venegas


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