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The Munich based initiative Jobs4Refugees set out to help the integration of newcomers in our society. Since integration at Building Radar is a important topic we want to support the organisation.


Currently about 220 young refugees from 15 different countries are housed in an air dome in Unterhaching. Most of them are male and between 18 and 25 years old. All have gone to school, but very few have documents that prove this. More than half of the refugees can well communicate in English. German skills however are still scarce. They get mentored German lessons several times a week. The men are eager to become proficient in German quickly. Adding to their high motivation, they would commute up to to 2 hours to the work site.


There is an overwhelming number of volunteers helping our society as well as the refugees. A group of them met in the refugee camp in Unterhaching and wanted to contribute to the integration. Instead of talking, they did. They quickly gained traction and got media coverage. With their high motivation and capabilities they could set up a system to connect the people with employers. So they could create an integration at Building Radar and other companies.

Mediation of Employment

As you can imagine, to offer jobs to refugees they need our support. It is completely free of charge. The organisation looks for suitable candidates and make appointments to the sample work with you. The regulatory process will be guided. So the start is as smooth as possible.

Integration at Building Radar

For Building Radar it is important to act in a social responsible way. Not only do our employees take on various social roles. But also integration at Building Radar is a crucial means. We believe that integration in a working environment is very important to successful immigration. This is why we have now a working student from Mali working for us. He came from Mali and gained quite good German and English skills during his short time here. As a part time employee he is a part of the team, helping us with product development and testing.

Work placements

Due to their little German skills, the men are not yet suitable for the vocational school. We therefore strive to provide internships and apprenticeships to them. This creates opportunities for both the companies and the refugees.

  • The companies get to know the refugees and assess his motivation.
  • The companies get assistance with everyday tasks.
  • The refugee gets basic knowhow.
  • The refugee learns German through contact with the staff.
  • Sustainable consequences by training on the job.

Administrative authorization

The men have a temporary residence permit in Germany and may not engage in an employed work. A company can agree to offer an internship or a staff activity. Then, an application must be completed and confirmed by the immigration authorities. This process takes about 2 weeks and approval is likely.
The employer should be aware of the risk of deportation. However, the risk of removal by the reduced employment. On remuneration: activities apply the (customary) minimum wage. Occasionally there are exceptions for trial and career guidance internships.

Experiences at Building Radar

Working with our friend from Mali is an enrichment for the company. We are very happy to have entered this enterprise. The organisation supports us well in all issues. We highly encourage other companies to also help in this topic. The integration at Building Radar is a success story. We’d like to see this for other employers as well.

Contact details

The advice and mediation is free of charge. You can reach them by e-mail ( By phone at +49 15 78 29 99 157 (Aurelia Schülen) or +49 16 22 57 20 07 (Aurelia, Stefan or Max).


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