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In addition to our top nudge search engine we equipped Building Radar with award winning satellite imaging technology. The costumer benefit is clear: we can offer up-to-date verification of projects with a satellite picture. By looking through our database of images of the world we sometimes find outstanding structures. In this post we’d like to present you one of the most beautiful picture we found this month*.

Satellite picture of the month: The Bosporus bridge.

You might have heard there is a massive building project going on in Istanbul. A new bridge is being build to cross the Bosporus. With the first two bridges, the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will spann the river in the very east of Istanbul. The total length of the monument will be over 2km and the cost will exceed ₺4.5 Bil. (Turkish Lira). It is particularly interesting to observe the construction progress on our satellite pictures. Our weekly coverage with fresh images make a very detailed observation possible. As you know, in our product those images will help you to find construction leads in the right construction phase. Here, we look at sample pictures to follow the progress.

Before construction start

Satellite picture of the bare Bosporus.The bare river

This first picture shows the untouched nature around the Bosporus river. A lot of political arguments where fought over the question wether this environment should be destroyed. Interestingly, this state is also the picture you get from many other satellite image services at the date of the writing of this article. Nonetheless, you can find pictures of the bridge almost finished all over the internet.

The first steps are finished

Satellite picture with basic works.The construction started.**

Jumping ahead in time the scene looks dramatically different. The area has turned into a massive construction ground. Here we have chosen a snapshot with parts of the bridge already built. The pictures can work wonderful in an overlay where the differences of both the satellite picture appear even more striking. For construction leads it is crucial to determine the construction phase. This satellite picture gives a clear vision of where the bridge is in its process.

The present state

Satellite picture with advanced construction.The construction advanced.**

Currently the construction side is very advanced. The last arch parts are about to being inserted to the bridge. That will finish the building shell. Consequently, a new construction phase can start. This image is more similar to the last one. Still, the satellite picture allows a strict tracking of the changing bits. By looking closely one can see that not only the bridge itself advanced but also the roadworks. For example in the northern part lanes of the distributor road were added.

By signing up to our free trial you can browse even more satellite pictures. Also you will be able to unleash the potential of satellite imagery in create construction sales leads. The satellite feature adds to our web search feature of the Building radar construction leads engine.

*Contrary to the phrasing, we might not continue the category “satellite picture of the month” really every month. Let us know if you are interested in more content of this kind.

**The varying image quality is due to the novelty of the satellite Sentinel-2A. In more recent images a constant quality can be expected.


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