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The most interesting construction projects worldwide in April.

Whether it’s construction projects in Germany, Canada or Erlangen, we are the first to know about them. But what exactly lies behind all of this? Which projects are particularly in demand and when do the important project phases begin?

Every day there are thousands of reports on new construction projects worldwide with an overwhelming amount of information. Our customers receive important news about new projects in their inbox around the clock and can then decide which projects are relevant to them with just one click.

The opinions of our users matter! In the future, we will regularly present the construction projects most frequently classified as interesting by our customers on our platform. In April, our users rated the following three construction reports as particularly worth reading:

1. Reh-Kendermann wants to expand in Bingen.

The largest German export winery invests millions in the construction of a modern administration building in the industrial area Bingen-Ost. The architectural design of the building is all about representing the right image and aesthetics, as well as providing a smart structure. The date for the start of construction of the 6700 square meter warehouse has not been disclosed yet. The construction of the office building and the new internal structure begins in 2020.


2. Lululemon is planning a 580,000 square feet large headquarter in front of the Great Northern Way

Vancouver’s chief planner Gil Kelley recommends the city council to consider a proposal that would allow Lululemon Athletica to build a mega-complex in False Creek Flats. The complex, which is intended to be built on one plot, would be more than four times the size of the company’s current 130,000 square foot Kitsilano headquarters on 1818 Cornwall Avenue.


3. ZECH Building GmbH builds second module of Siemens Campus Erlangen.

Another milestone for Cree’s so-called LCT system (LifeCycle Tower): Zech Group GmbH from Bremen is currently realizing Germany’s largest construction project applying the sustainable wood hybrid construction method. The Munich-based technology group Siemens has commissioned ZECH Building GmbH, a subsidiary of Zech Group GmbH from Bremen, as general contractor for the construction of the second module of the Siemens Campus Erlangen. The 4 office buildings and the new central reception building – a total of around 80,000 square meters – will be constructed using the “Cree-wood-hybrid” construction method. The entire process is supported by model-based work processes (BIM – Building Information Modeling). Construction will start in October 2019.


All three projects received the classification “interesting” in our system very frequently this month. Our news are retrieved daily from worldwide news sources and processed by our software systems. By performing searches specially designed to meet the needs of users, we find relevant news on upcoming construction projects as well as tenders and projects.



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