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Since 46 years, we are celebrating world earth day on today’s date, April 22. The day reminds us of how indebted we are to this planet. The earth gave birth to the multitude of species and a beautiful habitat for them. We should be thankful for the kindness it has bestowed upon us and praise its beauty.

We, at Building Radar, have been monitoring earth through the satellite images that is updated every day. Even though our main motivation is to look for construction projects around the globe, we are often mesmerized by the beautiful places, we find out through our images. Today, we share those beautiful pictures with you, which we bet will make you realize that the earth truly is wonderful.

Satellite-Picture-MadagascarSatellite Picture Madagascar. Building Radar.*

These high-resolution satellite pictures give a clear vision of any location on Earth. Our weekly coverage with fresh images makes a very detailed observation possible as you can see in this image of Madagascar that shows the untouched nature.

Satellite-Picture-Australia2Satellite Picture Australia. Building Radar.*

This wonderful picture from Australia chosen by our satellite engineers remember us again the magnificence of our earth, at the same time it shows the quality of the resolution that can be obtained by our product.

Satellite-Picture-IndiaSatellite Picture India. Building Radar.*

Last but certainly not least, this picture of India that let us appreciate the Indomalaya ecozone which contains the three biodiversity hotspots.

By signing up for our free trial you can browse even more satellite pictures. Also, you will be able to unleash the potential of satellite imagery in creates construction sales leads. The satellite feature adds to our web search feature of the Building radar construction leads engine.

*The image quality is due to the novelty of the satellite Sentinel-2A. In more recent images a constant quality can be expected.

Author: Abhishek Manandhar


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  • Undergrounds says:

    So beautiful photos.. amazing how beautiful earth can be. Thank you!

  • justin says:

    I love seeing pictures like this. I think we’re losing touch with the planet and just how diverse and colorful it really is. These kinds of pictures are a good reminder that it’s not all bad.