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At Building Radar, we are more than just coworkers. We are a thriving for a unique experience, to share our knowledge and enjoy what we do. Julia did an internship with us for the last month and she wants to share her experience:

Building Radar is a young IT service startup from Munich. The dynamic company was founded by a team of driven students. As it is growing, it is constantly looking for committed people, either for the IT sector or for management tasks, especially marketing, sales and PR. The current job openings are published on the website and LinkedIn.

On my first day I received a warm welcome by all of the team and Leopold showed me around the office. The team consisted of about 20 employees from eleven different countries. Among them where Nepal, Turkey, Spain and even Austria. The largest share of the team is outstanding software engineers and data wizards. Experienced and motivated sales and marketing guys fill up the company.

The sales team’s primary goal is to find new clients and get feedback from the existing ones. Also it is responsible for the existing customers, such as well-known manufacturers of heating equipment or furniture. Marketing and PR activities are very important especially for a newly established company. Thus I could contribute a lot to our new marketing efforts.

The most important topic in marketing at Building Radar and during my internship is growth hacking. Growth hacking is a set of techniques developed by experienced entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists to rapidly grow awareness for small companies. It includes selectively using certain activities in social media to increase the awareness for the product.

During the process I researched industry opinion leaders and influencers, such as bloggers or people from the construction industry with huge social media followings. Also I encountered numerous construction companies and associations, that showed tremendous interest in the service offered by us.

One of the most important tasks during the internship was taking care of the Building Radar construction blog. The Building Radar team writes and publishes on selected topics from the construction industry. The themes vary from national and international architecture, interior design, to building structures. But also company intern updates are given in the blog.

In addition, started a project where I supported with the analysis of the European construction industry. With such an analysis at hand Building Radar can better position its product and blog.

During my two-month internship with Building Radar I gained a lot of exciting impressions in the life of aspiring startups. I learned how difficult it is and how much effort it takes to develop a cutting edge tech product on a daily basis and to provide continuously outstanding service for the customer.

Also during the internship, I got a first insight into the marketing of a software solution in the B2B sector. I can imagine my future career in the marketing of an IT company well now.

I recommend to anyone interested in- and with the motivation to contribute to a startup, an internship at Building Radar. I particularly liked the mix of cultures of the team and it was very exciting to interact with the different nationalities and to observe how all form a successful business and people to participate in the developments.

Thanks for the great experience, Building Radar!

Author: Julia Bergeest


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