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The Building Radar experience

Our customer base is growing. So are our product and company. Building Radar is the first fully automated lead engine for construction projects. Moreover, it provides a new and innovative user experience for the construction industry. Never has it been simpler to get validated construction leads. Many clients see the advantages and like the product. We are encouraged by all the positive feedback and are motivated to further improve our services. To do this we need more space to grow and prosper.

Building up a company

For the third time in one year we had to increase our office space. This time we were moving within the building next to Google’s new office in Munich*. Where is that? Building Radar users can already find the construction site. All of our power demands more space. Especially our IT needs more IT wizards that can improve the look and feel of the service. The new Building Radar office comes with all eases: We have free coffee and water. As a startup of course, we also have free beer. Everyone works together in one large area. This supports quick fixes and adjustments, as well as learning from one another.

The Building Radar experience comes with open communication.The new office.

A dedicated team

For our vision of bringing the advantages of digital technology to the construction industry we could attract some of the brightest minds on the market. From August to January our team has grown from five people to more than 20 today. Many of them are working to improve our features like lead management or satellite imaging, while others make our innovative interface even more user friendly. A group of employees, of course, personally makes sure that our customers get the best possible Building Radar experience and support.

Working in a great culture

Apart from our award winning technology we regard our culture as a cornerstone for success. After working hard, our developers and sales personal deserve some fun. That is why we regularly go to the gym together. Also events like football or a game at the very own table tennis are common activities. Naturally, we also like to party from time to time. We share success, as well as challenges with the entire team. We also gladly share our Building Radar experience with clients, friends, and investors. So whenever you are around in Munich, just give as a call and stop by for a coffee.

Another corner of the office.
Sales guys at work.

For the customer

Our growth also benefits all of our users. More features, faster product improvements, more personal care. Many of the feature requests can be implemented directly. It is inspiring to see for us that the product gets better every day. Increasingly satisfied customers obviously make us feel proud and happy about our work.

It is your product

A special thank you goes out to all of our early adopters. Companies that believed in us from the beginning like Vitra, Viessmann or Velux. This service is your product and without you it would not have been possible to create this product. All customers now have the opportunity to ask for specific features that meet their special needs. We are eager on introducing them to Building Radar as quickly as possible. Here you can read what some of our clients say about their Building Radar experience.

he table tennis serves double as a conference table.
Our conference room.

Where does it go from here

We are still a long way from being done, however. 2016 is about to witness a giant step ahead in sales lead generation with new features and new input from our customers. With fantastic new colleges and partners. We have a lot of plans a little further down the road, so stay tuned for more updates. This is a very exciting time for us and our customers. We’d be happy if you joined us on the journey. So make sure to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to get all our updates.

*if you are interested, also read our article on corporate headquarters from 2015.


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