Viessmann is increasing active selling time per sales FTE by 4h/day thanks to lead alerts

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Viessmann new construction projects

Maximizing active selling time

Building Radar takes over the cumbersome task to research new construction leads. As a result, sales stuff of Viessmann was able to fully concentrate on converting sales leads, rather than researching them.

new construction leads

Spotting new construction sites

Building Radar reports on new construction projects globally. This allowed Gerhardt Braun to analyze new market opportunities; and derive a well-informed data driven decision on which markets to concentrate!

StankoTeam_flooring sales leads

Boosting sales

Building Radar gives you access to all construction projects in your neighborhood. StankoTeam used this to find new construction sales opportunities in their regional market! The results: massive growth in revenue and profit.

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More Customer Stories

LUXADD™ is a leading flourescent lighting solution provider based in the US. Building Radar helped them to find new construction leads for the sales team.
“Now that Building Radar is a core part of our sales process, we increased our active selling time significantly, rather than spending the majority of the time researching our customer’s new construction projects.”
– Stefan Seuss, LUXADD™
FundoLand is the leading Arcade Operator in Asia. Building Radar helped them to detect their most profitable customer groups.
“I am a big fan of the global data coverage of Building Radar. Especially in Asia they have deep insights into local developments.”
– Haitao Wu, FundoLand
Vitra produces and sells interior office furniture. During their sales process, they extensively work together with architects. They use Building Radar to get early-stage information about new construction projects.
“Our company was planning to hire new marketing staff for the US market. We were wondering where the best places would be to base new staff. BUILDING RADAR showed us where the major concentrations of branches were.”
– Raphael Gielgen, Director A&D International