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Construction projects from all around the world

One of the goals of Fenestella International KFT is to expand their business relationships in Europe. To achieve it, the company was looking for a single platform that provides comprehensive and up-to-date information about international construction projects.

Fenestella International KFT

More than 70 employees, the latest technology and more than 20 years of experience. Fenestella is an established expert in planning and manufacturing of wooden doors and windows. With an investment of 1.7 million euros, the technical systems have just been brought up to date.

Fenestella is facing technological change and is ready to open up new markets in Europe. The company implements the feedback of their customers to improve the quality of their products continuously. The experienced team provides next to counseling, premising and planning also the pre-production elaboration, process controlling and installation.

Fenestella is always up to date with new regulations and standards. That’s the basis for the development of new products and services. During the production procedure, Fenestella uses high-quality raw materials, tools, and equipment. That guarantees the functionality and high quality of their products in the long term.

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    Challenge: Finding out about new construction projects

    Before working with the Building-Radar-Platform, project managers and sales representatives in Fenestella had to invest a lot of time for the manual research no new construction projects. Employees had to observe a large number of different sources manually. There are 11.054 municipalities and 294 counties that provide information on new tenders in magazines, newspapers and regional portals – just in Germany alone. For each source, the search criteria must be set separately with CPV codes to get only the latest relevant hits.

    “Without a platform that filters construction projects by place, building phase and type the search for new construction projects is time-consuming and expensive” Fenestella International KFT

    Finding out whether a construction project is relevant or not requires a lot of time, effort, and clicks. Fenestella International KFT is mainly interested in private tenders. Unfortunately, it is not possible to filter public tenders by type (private or public tenders) or by participating companies on traditional platforms. Long story short: The search for new construction projects has been time-consuming, laborious and expensive.

    Major Project 2016 – 2018: Metropol Park, Berlin

    The architects Annette Axthelm and Henner Rolvien formed a contemporary symbiosis between the historical and modern elements. The former administrative building is under historical preservation protection. Fenestella International participated in all three stages of the construction process.


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    Metropol 1 Products: 297 Historic windows Period: 2016
    Metropol 2 Products: 343 Windows Period: 2017
    Metropol 3 Products: 39 Windows: 45%
    Doors: 55%
    Period: 2018
    Total product value 1.5 million Euro

    Major Project 2015 – 2016: “Joli Cœur”

    The Carlos Zwick architects created a residential area from existing and new buildings. This residential building project includes the repurposing of historical buildings. A historical monument and fifteen contemporary buildings were created. The project was built in several stages by 2018.


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    Total number of products 1.265
    Windows 90%
    Doors 10%
    Project Period 2015 – 2016
    Total product value 2.5 million Euro

    Building Radar: The future of construction project search

    Monitoring the mass of sources on the internet is not only time-consuming but also absolutely impossible for a human being. That’s the reason why many lead generation tools are specialized in specific countries or regions. Fenestella is expanding business relationships throughout Europe. To cover their whole area of interest, they would have needed several separate platforms. Using multiple numbers of platforms is not only laborious but also expensive. The Building Radar platform applies artificial intelligence whereas traditional tools reach their limit of capability. Algorithms search automatically various online sources – day and night. That’s why Building Radar users have access to data about construction projects from all around the world.

    source: Building Radar

    The Building Radar User Edina Marton has defined individual search routines in close cooperation with her Customer Success Manager Rytas Rutkauskas. Fenestella has specific requirements that a tender must meet to get considered as interesting. The requirements have been converted into CPV codes, postal codes, and keywords. The result: Edina Marton receives only the information that is relevant to her!

    The next step for Fenestella is to get in contact with the project manager – without any research! Especially here, the quality and up-to-dateness of the search results saves a lot of time. Contact details such as e-mail address and phone numbers are displayed directly on the platform. The first contact with the project manager thus begins even before the competitors!

      Fenestella International KFT and Building Radar

      The quality of the search results is based on the close collaboration between the Building Radar User and Customer Success Manager. It’s not easy for a foreign company to succeed in public tendering procedures. For this reason, a way had to be found for Fenestella International KFT to distinguish private and public tenders.

      “Public tender platforms do not distinguish between private and public tenders. I am very happy that we have found a way to distinguish private and public tenders for fenestella international KFT!” Customer success manager, Rytas Rutkauskas

      The effort was worth it! Fenestella International KFT has already found interesting companies with whom they had not worked together in the past. Also, they reduced their research time.

      “Building Radar provides early-stage construction information. The search for new construction projects is now easier and faster.” Fenestella International KFT


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