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Your search engine for commercial construction projects in Europe.

Find construction sites in Europe at the earliest time. Apply high-precision filters for spot on results. Contact your key-stakeholder. Grow through better deals. All from one place.

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Find the right construction site at the perfect time

Get notified instantly any time your customer enters a new construction project. Track their progress on any construction project. We track their webpage and any local news site for you.
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Get construction leads earlier

Our secret technology detects new construction projects worldwide, months earlier than manual research, years before construction start. It operates globally in real-time, 24h/day.

Know the people in charge

Get background info on the companies involved at the construction site. Analyse their associations with architects, contractors, owners etc.
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From landline to email, directly get in touch with your relevant target customer
Get many further interesting infos, such as the investor of the project or a detailed description
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Identify relevant construction projects as early as possible.

  • Building Radar – the AI with which you can find relevant building projects.

    We summarize lead research on a single platform. Whether in Germany or other European countries, Building Radar provides you with extensive growth and sales-promoting support and shines with an unlimited range.
    We will keep you up to date with just a few clicks. Get the latest information on every construction site in Europe with the real-time information we provide.

  • Revolutionary in lead generation.

    Are you dependent on manual searches with your own research staff? We eliminate this necessity and optimize your sales process.
    Whether you are looking for projects in the early construction phase or only in the planning phase, there is no difference for us. We generate for you a clear overview of the commercial real estate market in Europe and act as a reliable source for the leads you are looking for.

  • What added value does Building Radar offer you?

    Identifying new construction projects in Europe is made much easier with our software.
    Get started immediately without setup, training or installation. Whether in Spain, Germany, England or anywhere else. We deliver projects tailored to your requirements.
    In addition, it is easy to analyze the environment of a building with the help of demographic statistics, for example. Who is professionally active there, with which companies it would be profitable to cooperate, or where your competitors are active, is also possible with the company-owned platform, which we make available.

    Are you planning to expand to Spain, France, Italy, UK or other European countries? Building Radar supports this project and offers you unlimited sales opportunities.

  • A market forecast for the construction industry in Europe.

    The construction industry in Europe plays a key role in the implementation of the European Union’s 2020 targets. These objectives include a ten-year economic programme. The aim is to create intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth.
    So far, the construction industry has not only generated around 10% of Europe’s gross domestic product. Decisive is also the more than 20 million jobs created by the construction industry. This is a peak figure that is higher than in any other sector. This is one reason why the European Union is supporting this situation with subsidy programmes to further boost the construction industry.

    Internal market research shows that a positive change will take place in the near future. Growth is forecast for residential and civil engineering. This growth will take place, particularly in England, France and Germany. But it is not only these countries that will benefit. Due to the clear legal framework and the low barriers to entry, it is expected that the economies of neighbouring countries will also be affected.

  • Construction projects in all European countries.

    We report on all commercial construction projects in all European countries. Among others in Albania, Andorra, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ireland, Iceland, Kosovo, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Vatican, Belarus and Cyprus!

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