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Market Intelligence – A new product from Building Radar.

We are happy to announce Market Intelligence by Building Radar. This new product gives customers a better understanding of the construction market and helps them make better decisions. With it, User can take a glimpse at the actual future of the construction market instead of using unreliable reports that are based on year-old construction permits.

Datenanalyse am LaptopBuilding Radar supports over 100 customers with construction leads for their sales teams. One specific request comes up time and time again: Customers want to aggregate data into statistics that give them insights into the development of the construction market. Starting this July, a select group of pilot customers will use our new product to grow their understanding of the construction market.

Most use-cases for Market Intelligence belong to the area of strategic decision-making. Modern companies want to be as data-driven as possible, especially when making business-critical decisions. It doesn’t matter if customers are planning the production volume of their factories or the international rollout of a new product line, our market data will prepare them for future challenges.

Auswertung von Marktdaten durch GruppeWith Market Intelligence from Building Radar, user can understand their market in more detail. They will be able to more accurately measure their market size or build more performant models by drilling down into specific subsegments of the market. The product allows detecting hidden opportunities by comparing the results of customers sales regions with the actual activity in the market. With this information, users can make more informed decisions on future expansions or consolidations.

Always being up-to-date on the market lets our customers discover trends before their competitors do. Knowing what construction projects will be realized the moment they are announced gives them a critical advantage. They will be able to discover trends the moment they appear, instead of seeing them years later when the construction permits are being released.

We are confident that our technology gives us some unique advantages in Market Intelligence:

  • We enable an actual glimpse into the future with bottom-up data on construction projects instead of market indicators that rely on surveys and guesses.
  • With us, forecasts are based on current construction projects instead of construction permits that are already outdated when they are released.
  • Our data is up-to-date when you need it and not only released every 6-12 months.

If you have any questions, want to try the product for yourself, or become one of our first pilot customers please contact us directly at

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