The next big thing: offsite commercial construction.

Building Radar research indicates that moving commercial construction projects away from the actual physical commercial construction site is the latest trend within the global construction industry. The many benefits inherent in re-locating commercial construction processes offsite have called for the attention of an extensive number of companies during the bygone year. The trend of shifting commercial construction activities offsite has to lead us to explore this recent phenomenon, including all its advantages in more depth for you.

1. Calculability and greater levels of performance
2. Construction site safety
3. Sustainability
4. Optimisation of operations
5. Fewer instructions
6. No noise disruptions

1. Calculability and greater levels of performance

Offsite commercial construction is a very much repeatable activity. Regardless of the product, client or site, the process performed will inevitably remain the same. Due to the gradually increasing frequency at which you perform offsite commercial construction activities you will significantly boost time efficiency. Construction processes will therefore become substantially more calculable. In this spirit offsite commercial construction will enable you to optimise delivery times, whilst at the same time providing a first class product. External circumstances such as the impact of weather will no longer slow down your commercial construction activities.

2. Construction site safety

The construction factory setting will help your business reach the next level of safety. Variables such as poor visibility, strong winds, blizzards or simply a perpetually cold N.Y.C. winter will no longer interfere in your plans. Based on the continuity of circumstances offered by the factory setting predictability is also further boosted. Thus errors generally will be less probable. The most common accident in commercial construction is the worker’s fall from tremendous heights. As a result Building Radar researchers conclude that purely for this very reason offsite commercial construction will account for a far greater standard of safety.

3. Sustainability

Based on the fact that offsite commercial construction asks for fewer heavy machinery, it is also a much more sustainable approach to construction than onsite construction processes. The mere transport of already finished construction parts requires far less energy. Furthermore offsite commercial construction helps reducing waste in the form of packaging. Ultimately offsite commercial construction, too, allows more accurate calculations of material. This will help you reduce buying in excess.

4. Optimisation of operations

In accordance with the Steel Construction Institute offsite commercial construction requires less labour than would be true for onsite construction services. Factory construction efforts are believed to reduce hands needed in order to build a four storey residential site by as much as 75%. This substantial optimisation of operations is equally true for a variety of other projects, and will undoubtedly increase your competitiveness.

5. Fewer instructions

Onsite commercial construction processes require comprehensive training and expertise, as it is an exceptionally challenging environment to work in that oftentimes will not pardon mistakes. In this spirit, it takes a long training cycle with reference to preparing construction workers for their craft. Teaching workers the abilities needed during their offsite commercial construction craft, on the other hand, is far easier. The transformation from onsite to offsite essentially equals a shift from building to manufacturing- it virtually revolutionises an entire industry. That means that workers will only have to have expertise in comparatively small parts of the production process. Therefore you will be able to provide less training whilst increasing delivery times and saving on costs.

6. No noise disruptions

Offsite commercial construction has one main advantage- it eliminates noise disruption altogether. Those living in the immediate vicinity of onsite commercial construction projects will inevitably be subject to tremendous noise and air pollution that is being caused by heavy commercial construction machinery. In addition, commercial construction machinery seeking to go to and from the respective construction site will cause traffic delays and oftentimes block particularly important access routes as well as parking spaces. This will be a stressing issue in urban areas where space is limited to a minimum. Hence moving commercial construction away into factories will be an utter relief for residents, just as it will be a relief for your wallet, whilst heavily boosting your performance and safety.


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