Project search: find the right construction sites

Browse through millions of construction sites by location, construction phase, building size etc.! And the best thing: save your search preferences, to receive push notifications whenever a new relevant construction project is detected. Save up to 2 hours daily while never missing a construction sales lead again!

Inbox: your highlights in one spot

  • Track individual construction projects: get instant updates for changes in construction phase or if a new company got involved. This helped customers to increase follow up rates by +80%, while saving +2 hours in daily research time.
  • Follow your key accounts: get alerts as soon as a specific firm enters a new construction project. This boosts sales to key accounts by up to 45% for our customers.
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CRM Integrations: no more manually copying of data

Export your key projects into foreign document types like Microsoft Excel, Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or your company’s very own CRM-system. With just a few clicks your CRM Integration is up and running, so there is zero hassle for your tech team for setup.

Analytics: analyse $15 trillion in construction output

  • Which from +7Mio construction sites is relevant for your business?
  • Observe your core markets: Who is your biggest $-revenue competitor? With whom of +200K listed firms are they working?
  • Grow into new markets: detect bottlenecks to boost your revenue by up to +40%. Benchmark yourself using industry data from millions of projects combined with +1 petabyte of live satellite data.
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Tender search: apply to construction projects in seconds

Pursue new tenders days ahead of your opponents, thanks to real-time data updates. Working with Building Radar will provide you a game-changing boost in active selling time by up to 10 hours/week! We do the search for the perfect construction site for you, 24/7. Stop loosing active selling time due to lead generation and qualification.

No Setup, No Training, Just Go.

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