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Greenovative: Unrivaled discussions with the respective project managers.

The search for new industrial park projects and new construction projects is time-consuming. A major goal of Greenovative has been to reduce the enormous time spent on research. A key consideration was to find an external partner. In the summer of 2017, Building Radar became this partner.

Greenovative advances the energy transition!

Many companies lack the time and workforce to deal with their power consumption in addition to their main business. Due to increased energy prices and against the background of finite resources, sustainable management is unavoidable.

Greenovative is a nationwide established full-service provider of turnkey photovoltaic systems and energy concepts. Their goals are to create long-term solutions for companies that are interested in benefiting from self-produced, clean energy. With more than 300 major projects, Greenovative is an expert for commercial roofs, open spaces and private residential facilities.

Reference system: Company Lechner in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg ob der Tauber
20,000 m2
Number of PV modules
7,200 PV modules
Roof types:
flat roof
Use of central inverters, civil engineering measures, integration of the photovoltaic system into the plant network

Greenovative: Together with our customers, we want to advance the energy transition. We strive to completely replace the use of fossil fuels in the long term.

Greenovative and Building Radar

The cooperation between Greenovative and Building Radar began with an article in a business magazine. During a free product demonstration, Building Radar convinced especially with the on artificial intelligence (AI) based article search.

Greenovative: As the only provider on the market, Building Radar scores with the ai-powered article search. With this feature, we find construction-specific newspaper articles fast

The earliest information on planned construction projects appears mostly in local community papers, journals, and daily newspapers. Through the use of artificial intelligence, Building Radar browses the different sources and makes them easily accessible.

Finding out about construction projects in newspaper articles!


Personalized filters allow separating the relevant from the irrelevant newspaper articles, thus reducing reading time in addition to research time. Whether industrial projects, housing constructions or commercial construction. In this way, architects, planning offices or the construction companies themselves can be contacted before the start of the construction.


Time-saving is a high priority for all our users. Manually searching for relevant construction projects do not fit into the everyday life of a digitized work environment – and certainly not in the innovative business field of Greenovative.

Building Radar user, Maureen Paulisch, uses the Building Radar Platform every morning to find out about new search results. The Building Radar Inbox automatically lists new projects according to pre-defined search profiles.

Maureen Paulisch: “I do not have to type myself to do research. Reading the articles on the Building Radar Platform is enough. I enjoy the time that I need to read the articles with a coffee.”

Competitive advantage!

To be the first. That’s the primary advantage why Mrs. Paulisch relies on Building Radar. The power to affect decisions of the potential customers requires early knowledge. Because of the innovative article search, Mrs. Paulisch became aware of several exciting projects after only a short period of use. Many of them didn’t appear on any tendering platform! This allows unrivaled discussions with the respective project managers.

Greenovative: Not only we are excited about Building Radar, but also our customers. The possibilities of a platform and the possibilities of photovoltaic excite. If we mention that we have learned about the latest construction project by the usage of algorithms our customers are truly impressed.

The daily one-hour-long research work parallels to breakfast has become the start for a trustful collaboration in various major projects.


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