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Update from our US office

As an avid reader of our blog, you are highly aware that since April we run a brand new office in San Francisco. The short time since has been incredibly exciting for us. With this article, we want to give you an update on what has happened during the last couple of weeks.

What happened so far

With our cooperation partner, the German Accelerator, we were chosen for the opportunity to open up operations in the US, while maintaining our great team in the Munich office. We didn’t have to think twice about seizing this awesome opportunity. So we sent one of our representatives to the United States. We started presenting our solution to the clients at the beginning of April. But even before that, word had already spread over the ocean and we found some first customers in North America. We now have some first results from the new office which we are happy to share with you.

Innovation price

Building Radar provides an easy and intuitive new way to generate a virtually endless stream of relevant sales leads. For this, we won several awards in Germany and Europe already. Recently, we also won an innovation award in the US for the innovative use of cutting edge technology. A jury of international industry experts came to the conclusion that our technology implementation leads to a uniquely innovative product.

Unique technology for tender generation

The jury of the competition acknowledged that Building Radar solves the old problem of lead generation in a very innovative way. The solutions allow you to generate leads in real time. Even more, for the first time in our history, we are able to provide our users with live customized analysis, real-time updates, individual news digests, and more.

Conference in Orlando

Being invited as a partner to the SAP paramount event SAP Sapphire Now in Orlando, FL, we had the chance to present ourselves on stage at this major industry event. As a result, we now serve customers all over Europe and in the US, coast to coast. During the conference, we spent three interesting days talking to customers and partners. Most interesting, we found out about even more of our clients’ wishes and where they want our service to be expanded. Many of the customers switching from other services were compelled by the speed and ease of Building Radar, as well as the simple adaptability to their individual needs and processes.

Tenders, Construction Projects, Lead Management a mix that appeals internationally

As we improve our service on a daily basis, we find Building Radar to be a much-anticipated solution. The combination of an outstanding lead engine to find tenders, the most recent construction projects, and the ability to manage leads inside the application have created overwhelmingly positive customer feedback. Both, the technology and the business model have won several prices.

To be continued

We are happy to serve our customers all over the world. More diverse points of view will only improve our service for all users in the end. Therefore, we plan to continue expanding our operations not only Germany, Europe, and the US but also focus more strongly on Asia, Africa, and Oceania. If you are interested in getting in touch with us or just dropping by for a coffee, you can contact us at any time. We are always happy to meet our customers in person. For the next update, make sure to follow our blog.


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