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Building Radar goes to San Francisco

The first year of Building Radar has been an overwhelming time for all of us. As you can follow on Facebook or LinkedIn we are lucky to receive so much support. Our partners and clients who trust in us and our product enabled this great first year. Thanks to one of them, the German Accelerator we will soon be able to operate our business from San Francisco in Silicon Valley. The presence in California will help us serve the interesting US construction market. In turn, we want to collect new ideas to further improve our award-winning product for all of our clients. For us, going to the USA and San Francisco, in particular, is a logical step to continue on our path of growth and revolutionising the construction industry.

At the heartbeat of Silicon Valley

Originally the Silicon Valley in California is the area around Palo Alto and Mountain View where big companies like Intel or National Semiconductor where formed. More recent companies from the Valley are names like Twitter, Facebook or Google. Not only since we are named the “Google for construction projects” makes it sense for us to be there. Silicon Valley is considered a hub for digital innovation and progress. Our clients know already about the advantages of the digital revolution for the construction industry. We are convinced that with this step we will be able to serve even more customers. Also is it a great way to grow and develop our talented people in our company. As we are always looking for new motivated staff we also hope to make progress on this side. Finally, the experience of California will profit the customer in the end.

A view over Berlin.View from the preparation workshop.

Preparation in Berlin

Prior to the USA adventure, the German Accelerator organised a preparation workshop for us. In this two day workshop, we learned about the essentials of what San Francisco will be like. We were joined by other companies. Under the slogan “building global market leaders”, we were briefed on Silicon Valley. This way the leading construction lead engine learned what will be important overseas. The accelerator program will be limited to one year. After that, we will have to stand on our own feet. That is an adventure we gladly engage in.

Silicon Valley crew in the elevator.The Silicon Valley crew.

Let’s stay in touch!

With great opportunity comes great responsibility. This could sum up our current situation. As mentioned in the beginning, it would have been hard to come this far without our partners. Of course, we will also continue our European operations based in Munich. We’d be happy if we stay in touch with you. Feel free to follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter. This way you won’t miss out on what will happen next in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. You can also contact us anytime when you have ideas or want to support us. Also, let us know when you are in the area, so we could grab a coffee sometime. We will be in California from April on.


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