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Building Radar in Numbers


of generated sales PIPELINE (in EUR) over all customers


enterprise customer deployments incl. process optimisation


identified new sales opportunities per day


Paul Indinger

Managing Director

Responsible for overall business strategy and leadership with focus on sales

Leopold Neuerburg

Managing Director

Responsible for overall business strategy and leadership with focus on finance

Heinrich Rusche

Chief Revenue Officer

Responsible for global sales, customer success, solution engineering and partners

Marco Both


Responsible for driving our innovation and technology leadership and building a world-class engineering team

Anthony Buckley-Thorp


Responsible for driving the strategy and development of Revenue Engineering

Technology Leader

Our unique revenue engineering platform combines AI, process excellence, and targeted talent development – we find your hidden revenue potential! Find out more about our product here.


Thanks to our revenue engineering software, our customers have full transparency in their current win rates and sales figures in proactive sales

Artificial intelligence

Our AI identifies new construction projects as early as possible – 5,000 projects a day! Thanks to AI-based recommendations, our customers know which projects to focus on


Automatic sequences and direct integration into the existing CRM infrastructure saves valuable time for our clients

A truly diverse team from +12 nations

We are an innovative team between the ages of 18 and 60. We all share the same passion for innovation. Our team understands the importance of innovative solutions and active support for our customer’s success. Therefore, we are constantly evaluating the quality of our processes to provide the best digital revenue engineering platform in the world.

Let’s discover your untapped revenue potential!

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