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Our unique technology allows you to spot new construction projects worldwide at the earliest possible time – months before your competition and without manual research.

  1. Improve your win-rate by pitching before your competition
  2. Sell bigger contracts by influencing decision makers early on
  3. Scale up sales by discovering hidden opportunities

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Our customers: jointly successful

Look around you: from flooring, over lighting to facility management, the distributers of these products are our customers. They do not wait for their customers to call them; thanks to Building Radar they proactively spot new construction projects before their competitors to sell their product first. Building Radar enables its customers to attract new customers, evaluate new business opportunities and develop new strategic relationships. As a result, for +150 customers we already successfully initiated over € 100Mio in sales. Our solution is used by Fortune500 firms or renowned companies such as Viessmann or Vitra. Find out how our customers use our product here.

Team: 60 people from over 20 nations

We are an innovative team between the ages of 20 and 40, who share a passion for data analytics. Our team knows the importance of accurate and up-to-date data for our customers’ success. Therefore, we are constantly revising our processes to provide clients with the best data service worldwide. Find out more about our Team, Partners, & Advisors or join us now to help us revolutionise a €71B market.

Our History

July 2020: Building Radar presents new design

Building Radar will present the new design for the platform and homepage for the first time in July. The product has been further improved with, among other things, thumbnails of projects and more data depth.

March 2020: Building Radar has organized for the second time an event on digitalization and innovation in the construction industry - this time virtually

The Event “Digital Sales Circle” was held online. Top-class speakers shared their knowledge and best practice as well as news on the development of digital trends in the construction industry.

September 2019: €5 million for PropTech Start-up Building Radar

Building Radar successfully closes the Series A financing round of EUR 5 million. The new investors on board include coparion, FO Holding, PropTech1 Ventures and SIGNA Innovations.

August 2019: Building Radar is recorded in the Built World Innovation Contest 2019 as one of Europe’s Top 100 PropTech startups.

In this years “Built World Innovation Contest”, initiated by Builtworld, Europe's leading platform for connecting cross-disciplinary experts, Building Radar stood out above 500 other European PropTech start-ups and secured a place on the Top 100 map, in the category “Plan & Build”, accompanied by 18 other start-ups.

January 2019: Building Radar is selected the winner for being one of the most convincing start-up at the Digital Valley at the Bau 2019

At the “Bau 2019”, the biggest fair for the construction industry with 2.250 exhibitors and a quarter of a million visitors, Building Radar prevails against other start-ups that also were allowed to participate and compete in the Digital Valley, by presenting their ideas to digitally revolutionize the construction business.

September 2018: Building Radars Algorithm now also supports English

At the end of September, the Building Radar algorithm learnt English and hereby tremendously extended its ability to analyse Websites. Since then approximately 10.500 relevant construction projects are added to our database every month. A first step towards conquering the big intercontinental market!

January 2018: More than two million articles have been searched for construction projects

Our AI-based algorithm just exceeded the barrier of 2.000.000 articles been searched for construction projects! All of them were analysed and about 136.000 were recorded for having relevant information concerning the planning or the development of a construction project.

October 2017: Microsoft Top 10 European Start-Ups Award

Microsoft selects Building Radar as one of the most promising European start-ups, with a prize award of €500.000 in services, plus mentoring by world leading entrepreneurs.

May 2017: +540% revenue growth within 12months

Thanks to loving customers Building Radar grows massively! Within one-year monthly turnover skyrockets and pays for over 30 employees. Unlike competitors, Building Radar uses a smart search algorithms. This allows detecting new construction projects worldwide at the earliest possible time, months before competitors.

May 2016: The first Version of Building Radar is launched

After one year of experimentation with a team of search algorithm, big data and satellite experts including Raoul Friedrich the team finally reached a breakthrough. By combining semantic search methodologies with data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, the developed technology now spots new construction projects at the earliest time, before anyone else.

26. May, 2015: The idea is born & registered

Paul Indinger worked in the construction industry for years. When he explained to Leopold Neuerburg the painful process of construction project research (exhausting manual data research, unverified leads, and quickly out-dated data), they brainstormed whether there are smarter, more technologically-driven ways. Drawing on his prior work at Google Inc., Leo had an idea: why not use artificial intelligence to find new construction projects before anyone else? On 26.05.2015, together with Raoul Friedrich Building Radar was officially registered as legal entity under the registry number HRB218716 in Germany.

October 2015: ESA Copernicus Masters Award

The world's most important technology price for satellite application goes to Building Radar! Building Radar convinced the jury with its algorithm to use near-live satellite imagery to verify what is going on a construction site. Construction delays are immediately identified.

Without Building Radar, we would have missed out on many construction opportunities. THANKS!

Claudio LaiGerhardt Braun RaumSysteme

Our company was planning to hire new marketing staff for the US market. We were wondering where the best places would be to base new staff. BUILDING RADAR showed us where the major concentrations of branches were.

Raphael GielgenVitra

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