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Our unique revenue engineering platform combines AI, process excellence, and targeted talent development – we find your hidden revenue potential and help you win it by building measurable and scalable sales channels!

  1. Build measurable and scalable sales methods with our help
  2. Scale your sales by discovering new construction projects and influencing decision-makers early
  3. Realize your full sales potential

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Our customers: jointly successful

Most companies in the industry and construction are nowhere near reaching their full revenue potential. They generate most of their revenue through reactive sales methods such as trade shows, leads from their personal relationships, or by waiting for tenders and direct approaches.

But the industry is changing. Companies that have been selling door closers for decades have transformed into suppliers of entry solutions, modular construction firms are replacing on-site installers, and more and more players from Asia or companies like Amazon are pushing into the European construction market. Therefore traditional sales methods alone are not doing it anymore.

We have already helped businesses like Schüco, Viessmann, and Siemens close over €2B in untapped revenue.

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Team: 40 people from different nations

We are an innovative team between the ages of 20 and 40. We all share the same passion for innovation. Our team understands the importance of innovative solutions and active support for our customer’s success. Therefore, we are constantly evaluating the quality of our processes to provide the best digital revenue engineering platform in the world.

Without Building Radar, we would have missed out on many construction opportunities. THANKS!

Claudio LaiGerhardt Braun RaumSysteme

Our company was planning to hire new marketing staff for the US market. We were wondering where the best places would be to base new staff. BUILDING RADAR showed us where the major concentrations of branches were.

Raphael GielgenVitra

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