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5 steps for more leads

You are working hard for your customer. You have proved yourself an expert in the construction market. Hence, you know about the importance of lead generation. It is not your craft and yet a vital part of your business. To help you improve your lead generation, we identified the following five steps:

  1. Know your market
  2. Find the relevant projects
  3. Build and sell a reputation
  4. Monitor your efforts
  5. Get a steady lead generation flow

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1. Know your market

You know your business and understand your clients’ requests. But understanding the market is much more difficult::

  • Who is working on what?
  • What is being built at the moment?
  • How does lead generation work?

These and many more questions can be answered by keeping a close connection with your clients and competitors. To get the most out of this information, however, you may want to consider using a database. Your benefits using Building Radar:

  • Automated data management tool
  • Comprehensive analytics to generate optimal insights
  • Easy extraction of construction market information

Simply use our smart search services to find projects and companies active in your area. Bookmarking important companies helps you track their global activities. With us lead generation becomes a matter of a few clicks.

2. Find the relevant projects

The construction market is becoming ever more competitive. You might not want to wait until your next customer walks into your office. Instead, you have to be quick and proactive to secure your next projects. It is crucial to understand that at the end of the day lead quality will trump lead quantity. Our award-winning Building Radar technology works more efficiently than any form of a manual search. Building Radar would help you with the following:

  • Drastically improve the accuracy of your search
  • Large amounts of filters to optimize your lead search, e.g.
    • Specific areas
    • Project types
    • Construction phases
  • Comprehensive analytics for your search results

Overview Building Radar


3. Build and sell a reputation

Competition aside, at the end of the day you have to pay the rent. Don’t sell yourself cheap. You know what you are capable of and you can mirror that in your pricing. It helps to create a network and develop a reputation. Networks are a growth and lead generation machine. Most small enterprises do this instinctively. So don’t miss out on this opportunity as you grow. Even though reputation is a highly individual matter, we can offer support in this area nevertheless. Here are just a few examples of how Building Radar can help you:

  • Company overview with extensive statistics about yourself and your competitors
    • See what your competition is doing
    • Find your own strengths by focusing on your core competences
  • Reporting tools with rich information to check your current standing among customers
  • Make a list of projects you want to bid for
  • Prioritize those projects by what added value to your business

4. Monitor your efforts

Building Radar not only provides information about the construction industry but also helps you to interpret the data you generate while using our platform.

You can create a user and search profile reports. These will tell you how much-added value you and your colleagues can draw from Building Radar and what interesting projects you have found.

Ask questions to get to know your market for successful lead generation

5. Get a steady lead generation flow

The construction market is growing quickly. Hence, there will be an increasing number of projects to fuel your growth. Be the first to find them! Not knowing about a lead means foregoing business. To excel in the construction market, you sooner or later will need a powerful lead generation database like Building Radar. You will enter close cooperation with your provider, so choose wisely. We know that we contribute to our existing clients’ success and want to support you, too.
Building Radar lists over three million construction projects across the world. Our award-winning engine adds thousands of new projects every week and keeps them up to date. We want to make lead generation as simple as possible.
Whether novice or expert, if you take the above points to heart your business will grow. Try Building Radar now for FREE or read our customer stories for inspiration. Our services will help you to understand the market like never before. We add features every week to increase your range of applications. With us, you can focus on sales rather than lead generation and qualification!


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