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Be the first to discover new construction leads!

Find new projects earlier. Automate your search for relevant construction projects and let yourself be notified on a daily basis.
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150+ Companies Use Building Radar

Discover new sales opportunities more quickly

Finding instead of searching. Define your most relevant construction projects with 45+ search parameters. Free up time for your acquisition with automated research.

Sales success through early stage

Being first to make contact

Early stage sometimes can mean incomplete data: Defy with unknown construction details to convince project managers of your performance before your competition.

More turnover through solution sales

Only those who were in contact with the decision-maker from the very beginning can sell not only a product, but more importantly, an entire solution.

More data depth with each project progress

Our AI-based lead technology informs you from the first hint of a new construction project. This is to your advantage even if the early data is still incomplete.

Optional: Focus on data depth

If your distribution model values data depth over earliness, we will optionally inform you about new projects only when the facts become clearer with new online reports.

Benefits foregone by not providing early stage informations

Being first to make contact

More turnover through solution sales

As simple as reading emails!

Smart outreach: Adaptive phone scripts, email sequences and self-learning systems
Project work structured in progress phases to measure results and enable optimization
Enable your sales team through guidance at the right time
Machine Learning Technology identifies relevant project information

Let’s discover your untapped revenue potential!

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