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Over 150+ sales managers are proactively winning projects through Building Radar

Building Radar helps general contractors optimize their resource utilization

Based in Ottweiler, the OBG Group has emerged as one of the prominent construction companies in the region. By partnering with Building Radar, OBG has successfully tapped into a new sales channel, leveraging revenue engineering technology. Building Radar’s assistance has enabled OBG to implement proactive, digital property sales strategies in building construction and industrial construction domains.

150+ projects processed
Rebuilding of proactive sales
Monthly team training sessions

The long-established company Köster is embracing the era of digitalization and has acknowledged the need for transformation. Together, we have established a new proactive project channel to strategically secure new, relevant orders for Köster. Building Radar provides support with its exclusive revenue engineering technology and tailored training formats.

Nationwide project operations in Germany
Incorporation of supplementary data sources

Integration with CRM system

The renowned general contractor i+R Group, based in the Lake Constance region, collaborates with Building Radar to identify new construction projects during their early planning stages. This approach enables i+R Group to engage with builders at an early phase and integrate their expertise into the conceptual design. As a result, the likelihood of winning projects and achieving higher margins is significantly enhanced.

Methodical handling of project information

Expansion of proactive sales initiatives

150+ Companies Use Building Radar

Manufacturers achieve significantly higher order success rates with Building Radar

Miele employs revenue engineering to expand its new customer business. Even as a traditional company, Miele recognizes the importance of reaching out to project decision-makers swiftly, going beyond brand awareness and existing customers. Building Radar has facilitated faster connections, leading to increased win rates. The proof of concept month demonstrated the added value, paving the way for further collaboration.

Angebote innerhalb des POC-Monats
Proaktiver Objektvertrieb für Traditionsfirma

Gerflor and Building Radar have maintained a successful partnership for over two years. Leveraging Building Radar’s revenue engineering technology, Gerflor’s well-positioned and motivated team proactively engages with decision-makers at the early stages of projects. This strategic approach enables them to schedule relevant appointments with potential clients and specify Gerflor’s flooring solutions at the opportune moments in the project timeline.

Proactive early specification of soil solutions

Identification of pertinent construction projects

The collaboration between Building Radar and Schüco has proven highly successful at multiple levels. Starting from the pilot phase to seamless integration into Schüco’s CRM system and expanding globally with language-independent search filters, the partnership has been a convincing journey. Notably, the potential project volume was evaluated to exceed 45 million euros.

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From networking to proactive property sales.

Many sales teams at Schindler had heavily relied on existing networks, sometimes overlooking the importance of new customer acquisition. Building Radar has empowered Schindler’s sales teams to systematically cultivate new customers in the contract business, making it a top priority.

Digital Sales for Building Construction and Civil Engineering

Through an extensive training program, Implenia’s Building Construction and Civil Engineering teams were equipped for digital sales. This initiative enabled a large and decentralized sales organization to implement the Building Radar solution and go live within a few months.

Planning Consulting for New Work Offices

CEOs are confronted with the task of reimagining their office spaces in the era of New Work and remote work. Utilizing the Building Radar solution, Vitra gains fresh possibilities to engage with clients and architects at the initial stages, offering valuable support throughout the planning process.

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