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    What is Building Radar?

    Building Radar is a Revenue Engineering platform combining AI data insights, process excellence, and talent development that seamlessly feeds into your CRM. Building Radar enables sales teams to discover and leverage their untapped revenue potential. We make B2B sales in the construction industry more efficient by identifying the most valuable business opportunities at the earliest possible stage. With Building Radar, our customers are the first to know about new construction projects. To make timely contact with the decision-maker, our AI technology will automatically identify relevant new construction projects for customers at the earliest possible moment – not when everyone already knows about them. You can read more about our product or contact us directly if you should have any questions. We will happily get in touch with you in no time.

    What is Revenue Engineering?

    Revenue Engineering is a sales execution method for measurable and repeatable sales success. The goal of revenue engineering is to make sales success (=revenue) as transparent as typical production processes (=engineering) in order to derive continuous improvement potential.

    What does a Proof of Concept- month with Building Radar look like?

    For a glimpse of the Proof of Concept- month, check out this video.

    What can I do with Building Radar?

    Building Radar keeps you up to date with the earliest information on construction projects and notifies you of updates to existing construction projects. The three key elements of the process, talent, and data of Revenue Engineering are combined in a single pre-CRM platform.

    • Process – Simple early stage qualification process designed to work at scale and keep bad deals out of your CRM
    • Enablement – Automations that maximize the impact of your sales team and process insights that help them through data-driven development
    • Projects – Early identification of new and relevant construction projects from across the globe using artificial intelligence

    You will receive a customized roadmap for your sales processes to best achieves your success. You will also receive an active introduction and support from us.

    What are the sources for information on construction projects?

    Every day we monitor thousands of websites and transform new data into insights for our customers. We group the websites we track into three categories: (1) Public information, (2) Websites of companies involved in construction (e.g. project developer, architect), (3) Third-party websites (e.g. newspapers, blogs)

    What kind of companies benefit from Building Radar?

    Building Radar is suitable for all companies that want to be informed about new and existing construction projects in a timely manner and want to establish a measurable sales channel. Our customers include DAX corporations and internationally active medium-sized companies such as Viessmann, Schüco or Vitra.

    What kind of information do I get from Building Radar?

    Building Radar provides various information about construction projects. Among others:

    • Where is the construction project happening?
    • What is the construction phase?
    • Who is involved in the construction project?

    What is the technology behind Building Radar

    The basis of the Building Radar technology is the clever combination of web crawlers, intelligent algorithms, and self-learning neural networks. This combination enables Building Radar like no other company to provide new information on construction projects in near real time.

    How current is the provided information?

    Cutting-edge technology enables Building Radar to continually monitor thousands of websites every day. The primary data sources are scanned multiple times per day. This enables Building Radar to provide new information in near real time.

    What kind of construction projects are covered?

    Building Radar provides construction information to almost every construction sector:

    • Office
    • Health
    • Education & Science
    • Sport
    • Hospitality
    • Landscaping
    • Infrastructure
    • Agriculture
    • Commercial
    • Residential
    • Culture and Event
    • Industrial
    • Public Service and Administration
    • Historical and Religious.

    Please contact us for more information.

    Can I find information on the construction phase of a project?

    With Building Radar you find information on new construction projects as early as possible. Also, you can follow the progress of a construction project over time and find out what companies are involved. Please contact us for more information.

    Do I find information on companies involved in the construction process?

    Yes. Building Radar helps you find out who is involved in a construction project (e.g. architect, general contractor, sub-contractors.) Please contact us for more information.

    Why do I need Building Radar when I can research projects myself?

    Technically speaking you could research these projects yourself. However, it would take an inordinate amount of time and lack the quality we guarantee. We specialise in this field and have staff trained especially for this purpose. By exploiting economies of scale and cost-efficient organization, we are able to provide you the required data efficiently! Further, we link data by using big data methods to provide you with the best information possible. For instance, the Building Radar profiles on various companies are generated via multiple sources, data extraction, and data mining.

    How do I get access to Building Radar?

    Please contact us to arrange an initial meeting with us – we’ll get back to you!

    How much does access to Building Radar cost?

    The monthly price to access Building Radar depends on your individual preferences. Please contact us for a personalized quote.

    Do you have special prices for startups?

    Yes, we support new businesses. Please contact us for a personalized quote.

    How long does it take to set up the account?

    We create each company account personally. Based on your specific growth needs, we train our AI to find the most relevant sales opportunities for you, tailor the process to your roadmap and connect it to your CRM. The scope of services includes personalizing each account, creating the initial search profiles, and training users. The account setup is done in advance of the user training so that during the user training, they are working with relevant search results. This service enables the customer to receive relevant search results from the very first minute. The exact time roadmap will be worked out with you at the beginning.

    Do I get an on-site user training?

    Each new customer receives a brief introductory training to Building Radar. Usually, the training is a webinar with screen sharing. This allows for greater scheduling flexibility. Please contact us if you wish a on-site training.

    Can several people use one account?

    Yes, however, we do NOT recommend that. Each user account is unique and personalizes itself based on the user’s behavior. E.g. features such as “suggested projects” (construction projects that are of interest to you based on your usage behavior) will be much less accurate. It is possible to log in to Building Radar from different device types (e.g. desktop computer, mobile) at the same time. However, the same user account cannot be used to log into two or more devices of the same type (e.g. two desktops).

    Do I get a dedicated contact person?

    Yes. Every customer has access to a dedicated contact person, who supports you with technical questions.

    Do I need special software or hardware to access Building Radar?

    No. Building Radar can be accessed with every commercially available device connected to the internet. We recommend accessing Building Radar from your computer by using the web browser Google Chrome.

    Can I export data on specific construction projects?

    Yes. You can download information on construction projects as a pdf or CSV.

    Do you support an API to a CRM system?

    Yes. It is possible to create an API to directly upload construction project data from Building Radar into your CRM system. Please contact us for more information.

    Is there an introduction?

    There is an active introduction and support from us – we accompany you all the way. A Sales Success Manager supports your team with training and implementation. Your users will also have access to exclusive content from our renowned sales experts.

    What can I expect from the Building Radar workshop week?

    We understand your unique offering and map your sales processes and capabilities so we can create the best roadmap for your success.

    Can I work together with my colleagues on the platform?

    Yes! If you have found an exciting project you can easily tag your colleagues and inform them about it and collaborate.

    In which countries do I find construction projects?

    We provide construction data for almost every country in the world. Find out if your country is supported by contacting us.

    What languages do you support?

    Currently the Building Radar platform supports English and German. Other languages will be continually added.

    What currencies do you support?

    You can pay Building Radar in any of the following currencies: Euro (€), US Dollars (US$), Pound Sterling (£).

    Will my personal data be revealed to third party companies?

    The protection of your personal or company data is a priority at Building Radar. We do not share your data with any third parties without your explicit approval! You can read more about how we use your data here.

    One more question?

    If you cannot find your question in the list, please do not hesitate to contact us! Send us an email and we will get in touch with you promptly.

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