Our new features:

Source Domain Filter

With the domain filter function certain sources can be selected or filtered out. This allows you to view leads from sources where you have a subscription or to exclude sources that have a paywall. Our Customer Success Team will gladly set the filters for you.


Report Button

You can use the Report Button to report data errors to us. If you press “Report” on a project, an error message will be automatically sent to us and our team will take care of it. 

We have a new feature: our Report Button.


Custom Snooze Date

With the custom snooze date, you will be reminded of interesting projects on the date of your choice. You can set the date under “Pick a date”.

The custom snooze date


Construction Dates Extractor

And with our new construction dates extractor, project information is now also supplemented with the respective construction dates (usually given in years).

Construction Site Extractor