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“Those who only improve their performance step by step in times of exponential growth fall exponentially behind. That’s why we chose Building Radar and were able to realize quantum leaps in lead generation.”

– Viessmann

Key outcome for Viessmann thanks to Building Radar:


more relevant construction projects


time savings for HVAC order generation


higher closing rate

Viessmann doubles its conversion rate to 15% due to Building Radar

Why did you choose Building Radar?

Viessmann focuses immensely on customer orientation. Therefore, it is essential for us to find new construction projects promptly to contact the right people early. Building Radar relieves us of much of this high workload. This resulted in significantly reduced research time and helped us implement our sales strategies more systematically. As a result, we doubled our closing rate to 15% in the project business. Besides, it is vital for us to generate the right contacts. Fortunately, further research is not necessary due to the high data quality, which saves a lot of time for us.

Viessmann operates in more than 74 countries worldwide. Our target is to provide our customers with the best products and maximum satisfaction. So far, we have relied on traditional methods of customer acquisition. We did manual research via newspapers, the yellow pages, or a regular service provider. In this time-consuming and expensive approach of doing research, we often found that we noticed new construction projects too late. This lead to a loss of potential customers. Using the unique Building Radar algorithm , we now find contacts and construction projects from around the world, and address potential customers directly at an early stage.

October 2015: Viessmann becomes a customer

March 2016: Viessmann successfully completes first pilot phase with Building Radar

What do you find most attractive about Building Radar?

One feature of Building Radar, which every one of our employees greatly appreciates and uses extensively, is the Inbox. Here we find new construction projects in one central place. Since we have created our search profiles, we can already see at first glance what relevance the respective project has for us. We also generate three times more relevant construction projects per month compared to our previous methods. Before we decided to go with Building Radar, we were worried that we would be overwhelmed with information through the automated solution. Fortunately, this was intelligently solved by Building Radar. Together, we have defined precisely which construction projects are interesting or which activities of existing or target customers we would like to stay informed about.
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How do you work with the Building Radar Platform at Viessmann?

As already mentioned, we work intensively with the Inbox as well as the Article Search. As soon as news are available, we are informed via email. But after each of our employees receives several hundred emails every day, we are very happy with the simple structure of the notifications for the new construction projects. The subject makes it easy to see which type of construction project is indicated. This greatly simplifies the allocation to the responsible sales staff. In addition, anyone can decide themselves at which intervals they would like to receive notifications.
Building Radar has helped us save four hours of research each day and an 80% increase in tracking potential customers, which are impressive numbers.

What benefits have you experienced from working with Building Radar?

Building Radar has primarily helped us to achieve two goals:
(1) Getting automated contacts to our specifications. We can now target our sales team better to get the right customers worldwide.
(2) Getting reliable contacts. The data from Building Radar’s contacts are reliable, detailed and up-to-date, enabling us to understand the needs and desires of our customers more effectively.

Which further steps will you take to improve your sales process?

Building Radar has helped us to streamline our sales process, and we now use the algorithm in many of our 120 sales offices worldwide. The corresponding costs are minimal compared to the traditional research agencies that we have used before.

Now we will invest the gained time in our customers. Among other things, we would like to integrate Building Radar even more firmly into our sales processes and expand our technical follow-up. From that, we hope to improve our understanding where we still have potential. As far as finding projects and generating orders, Building Radar ushered in a digital era.
We see a bright future for Building Radar as they offer an innovative solution for a large industry with their product.

June 2016: Viessmann buys 22 licenses and expands usage to +50 countries

October 2016: Viessmann has Building Radar implemented directly in the CRM system

March 2017: next to industrial plants, supermarkets become new focus construction project group

October 2017: Viessmann doubles the closing rate in the object business to 15% through Building Radar
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Viessmann: World leader in HVAC

Market: weltweit
Industry: heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC)
Revenue: +2 Billion €
employees: +12,000
More at:

Building Radar configuration

Number of accounts: 22
Geographic coverage: worldwide (Sales in +70 countries)
Relevant construction phases: planning, design competition
Relevant building types: industrial plants, supermarkets, residential complexes
Construction volume: +5 Million €
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