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Leads for Amusement Industry company FundoLand

Why did you decide to create leads for amusement industry services via Building Radar?

We operate a thriving business, with clients all over the world. In order to maintain our strong growth, we are constantly pushing our salespeople to win new clients. Building Radar provides us with construction projects in over 100 countries, with a specific focus on Asia, which is our primary market.
We immediately saw the benefits, even necessity, for an automated system for finding construction projects. In particular, we get done more than three times the work with the comprehensive, daily report on existing and new projects. Building Radar‘s satellite images also save us time by giving us extra indications as to when we should make bids for relevant projects. Building Radar isn’t simply a search algorithm, but provides constant updates on local and regional developments in Asia. We are now more aware of developments in our target market region, as well as our competitors. Sales for our company have grown by 30% since we started using Building Radar. It is helping us develop a strong foothold in the Asian market, and we are now planning to increase our staff to deal with the high volume of construction sales leads!

What were your benefits from Building Radar for construction leads for amusement industry?

Building Radar has helped us:


Guangzhou (China) Amusement Industry
Region: China
Industry: Amusement
Size: Medium-sized business

Product bought by customer

Product Building Radar
# of Accounts 2
Regional access Asia
Construction phase access competition, planning, under construction
Building Category Hotel, Residential

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