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“Building Radar is as easy and intuitive to use as Facebook”

– Gerhardt Braun

key outcome for Gerhardt Braun thanks to Building Radar:


more sales active time


Increase in sales


Faster completion of projects from market analyzes

Gerhardt Braun daily saves 3 hours of research time thanks to Building Radar

Why did you choose Building Radar?

We are a medium-sized company in the construction industry, which operates mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As such, we are keen to find new ways to increase our sales efficiency. Efficiency plays a central role in our business processes, which is why we have been looking for a faster and better alternative in the area of ​​lead generation and market analysis.

We came across Building Radar, whose novel and simple idea has sparked our interest directly. We are a happy customer since the first hour. The Building Radar team is really convinced of its offer and we benefit from its enthusiasm and growing experience. Even when building radar was still in its infancy, we were able to increase our sales performance by up to 14% per month. Nevertheless, Building Radar is far more than just an outstanding tool for sales to our employees. We also use the platform internally to explore and analyze new markets.

Previously, we had to use many expensive applications and our employees were stressed by the softwares’ lack of user-friendliness. Recently one of my colleagues approached me and told me how pleased she is to work with Building Radar: “It’s as easy and intuitive to use as Facebook,” she told me with a smile.

May 2015: Gerhardt Braun becomes a customer

November 2015: Gerhardt Braun successfully completes first pilot phase for southern Germany

What do you find most attractive about Building Radar?

Originally, we intended to use Building Radar exclusively as a digital research tool. However, when we were introduced to the platform by our Building Radar account manager, we were particularly impressed by the Analytics feature. Unfortunately, the applications that we had previously used to support our business planning were very limited in their possibilities and not user-friendly. With Building Radar, we have now found a complete 2-in-1 solution to identify bottlenecks early and tap into new markets. Therefore, we could save over 2000 € per month, because we did not need the other applications anymore.
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How do you work with the Building Radar Platform at Gerhardt Braun?

Each morning, our employees spend half an hour reviewing key new projects and highlighting all relevant ones. Fortunately, this is a very straightforward process due to the ease of use of Building Radar. At the same time, the CRM integration allows us to quickly allocate the construction projects found to our sales staff. This is a decisive advantage because at times of slow manual research, competitors were often faster. In summary, it can be said that Building Radar has become an integral part of our operation!

What benefits have you experienced from working with Building Radar?

Building Radar has primarily helped us to achieve two goals:

  • More sales. We sell more each month, with increases of up to 14% per month.
  • Time-saving. Our market analyzes are completed on average 30% faster and are therefore the first projects, which we conclude under budget!
  • Better quality. Building Radar’s extensive database allows us to fully rely on Building Radar data. Additional tools are no longer needed.

Which further steps will you take to improve your sales process?

True to the motto “If you stop improving, you have stopped being good.” (Philip Rosenthal), we would like to further optimize our sales process in 2018. As a leader in Europe, we strive to continuously expand this position. Of course, we also aim for global market leadership. Building Radar already provides us with high-quality data. The recently introduced Article Search plays a crucial role here. This gives us the ability to search thousands of newspapers and magazines automatically. So we also find private tenders, resulting in new sales opportunities. We would like to open up this year.

December 2015: Gerhardt Braun extends the use of Building Radar to Austria, Switzerland and Germany

April 2016: Gerhardt Braun doubles its sales with key customers

September 2016: Gerhardt Braun continues to extend cooperation with Building Radar

March 2017: Gerhardt Braun expands number of building radar accesses from 7 to 12

November 2017: Gerhardt Braun increases relevant construction projects by 5 times
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Gerhardt Braun: the number 1 in Germany for Room System Solutions

Market: europaweit
Industry: Room System Solutions
Revenue: +€100Mio
Employees: +420
More at:

Building Radar configuration

Number of accounts: 12
Geographic coverage: Germany, Switzerland, Austria
Relevant construction phases: Under construction, completed
Relevant building types: industrial and residential complexes, office buildings
Construction volume: +€2Mio
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