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Construction projects in Switzerland

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Swiss construction industry

Robust development of the construction sector

The construction industry contributes six percent to the to the gross domestic product of Switzerland. 376.000 employees work in the sector. The construction industry is, after many years of growth, on a constant high level. Only in 2015, the order inflow in the construction sector slightly decreased. The buoyant building activity is driven particularly by the construction of residences. The high demand, as well as low-interest rates, make construction investments in residences very attractive. A reason for worries for the construction companies is an increasing vacancy rate. This could reduce construction contracts for residences in the future. Nevertheless, low bond returns and a constant population growth maintain rented apartments attractive as investments.

State infrastructure investments on a high level

Next to the construction of residences, investments in the infrastructure are a support pole of the construction sector in Switzerland. With 378 Euro per capita, Switzerland spends more money on his railway infrastructure than every other state in Europe. Thereby, the Republic maintains its strong position in the competition for international corporations.

Biggest construction project of Switzerland

The biggest construction site of Switzerland is the multi-million dollar project “The Circle” at the airport Zürich. Two hotels, a sub-office of the university clinic, restaurants, shops and offices are part of the construction project. In total, the construction site includes 180.000m². The construction project is in time and is expected to be finished in 2019.