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Clashing worlds

It is not as easy to plan a building in Hong Kong as it is in any other city around the world. Here, it is not the architect who determines the design. Instead, the Feng Shui Master is usually in charge. Hence, the outcomes are true Feng Shui buildings. In Europe, this would seem to be a rather unconventional approach for the construction industry. Thus, we are providing some background info for you.

The origin of Feng Shui

In the former British colony of Hong Kong, the Taoist philosophy is present in all situations in life. A literal translation of Feng Shui is “wind and water”. Its purpose is to harmonize people with their environment and with the energy of the earth. Relating to this, the autonomous territory of Hong Kong and its population spare no effort to invest in this lifestyle. Let’s have a look at some Feng Shui examples.

Feng Shui Buildings in Hong KongBuilding with a hole for dragons and energy.

HSBC and Feng Shui buildings

In 1985 the HSBC building was constructed for around $700m. Not only the construction itself was cost-intensive but also the Feng Shui ideas consumed a big part of the budget. As a consequence, within this year it was the most expensive building project in the world.

A building with inner harmony

Due to the Feng Shui Master, the staircases had to be installed in a certain angle and the entrance hall is inspired from the beach. The water of the beach should wash money ashore. Furthermore, the HSBC made a contract with the government to have the right on a fully free view to the Victoria Harbour forever. As you are tracking new construction projects in Hong Kong by using Building Radar, be prepared to work together with the Feng Shui Master.

Feng Shui is everywhere

Nowadays, most of the places in Hong Kong’s central district are dominated by skyscrapers influenced by Feng Shui buildings. When observing the skyline, you should notice big wholes carved throughout the centre of many buildings. In this case, we can connect Feng-Shui with dragons.

Hong Kong and the dragons

Hong Kong is located between the mountains and the water. Many legends tell about dragons with positive energy that live in these mountains who make their way to the Knowloon Bay to drink and bathe every day. As the skyscrapers might prevent them from passing through the city and create bad Feng Shui architects should plan buildings with big gates. Thus the natural air and the dragons can easily fly through the city and protect its positive Feng Shui.

Every participant within the industry in Hong Kong has to orientate the work to those Feng Shui rules. Working in Hong Kong means to adapt to this cultural difference. When discovering new projects with Building Radar keep this in mind.

Author: Julia Bergeest


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