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Collaboration – work together efficiently.

We have activated all Building Radar user accounts for collaboration.

But what is the collaboration function?

We have activated your account for parallel processing of construction leads.

What does this mean in detail?

The new feature allows all team members to work together on searches, access the inbox, view comments, and subscribe to searches on their own. During July, the feature will be available to all Building Radar users.

But how does the migration work?

Our Customer Success Team will contact you within the next few days and inform you by e-mail when exactly your account will be converted. This will be done by our team.

How will you benefit from the new function in the future?

For the first time, key users can now create new users independently and assign them to searches. Previously, this was only possible via our Customer Success Team.

How can I create new users?

You can create additional users independently via the settings of your account:

How can I assign searches to new users?

New users can subscribe to existing searches in the respective account and thus view and edit all previously qualified leads. Alternatively, key users can assign existing searches to new accounts:

This migration aims to simplify the qualification of new leads by allowing multiple people to process the same inbox (if they have subscribed to the same searches). Also, lead-specific comments will be seen by all your users.

If you have any questions and suggestions, our Customer Success Team is always eager to hear from you. Send us an Email with your concerns.