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Have you seen our latest feature Mentions?

All Building Radar accounts now have the Mentions function.

How was it until now?

With the addition of the “Collaboration” function, teams can now work together and subscribe to each others searches. However, sharing specific leads with other team members has been a challenge. Until now, the only solution was to email or share the URL link with your colleagues outside of the platform.

How does the new feature help you?

Now, with our newest feature “Mentions” you can simply tag your colleagues in comments and they will get notified by us.

You can use Mentions to:

  • draw attention to a new lead,
  • to ask a question regarding a lead,
  • get a second opinion whether this is relevant for the company or
  • assign a lead to a dedicated person.

How it works

To mark a person, simply type the “@” character in a comment to select one or more colleagues from the drop-down menu that appears.

Then you can add a personal message. Lastly, click Save.

The colleague you mentioned will automatically be informed by email and through our notification center.

If your colleague now clicks on “Go to comment”, he will be forwarded directly to the lead in which he was mentioned.