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90,000+ Historical & religious construction projects and business opportunities

Find the earliest available information on historical & religious construction projects and be the first to pitch your products | Bid for exclusive construction leads

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Building Radar is your search engine for historical & religious construction projects, building renovation, and building expansions.

Find leads, run analytics, and grow your business!
Historical & religious construction tenders
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Filter through historical & religious construction bids. Analyse your market. Secure more deals. On one single platform.

Track & follow

Follow historical & religious building renovations and new constructions. Trace your competitors’ next moves. Analyse new strategic collaborations.

Know the people in charge

Gain in-depth insights into the firms involved. Evaluate their associations with previous historical & religious building renovations and construction projects.

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Find the right construction bid at the perfect time

Get notified instantly any time your customer enters a new construction bid. Track their progress from open bid to awarded contract. We track bids and tender from public and private bidding platforms for you.

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Get construction bids earlier

Our secret technology detects new business opportunities pre bidding, so that you can influence the request for proposal. Our technology operates globally in real-time, 24h/day.

Know the people in charge

Get background info on the companies involved at the construction site. Analyse their associations with architects, contractors, owners etc.

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From landline to email, directly get in touch with your relevant target customer
Get many further interesting infos, such as the investor of the construction bid or a detailed description
Download the construction bid directly into your CRM system

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Zero effort

Automatically get suggested the right construction leads fitted to your requirements and based on your usage pattern

Always informed

Keep up-to-date during the whole process of construction bidding. Get alerted whenever there are updates or new projects for your search profiles.

Know the people in charge

Analyse a company’s association with architects, contractors, owners etc., through historical and ongoing construction project comparisons.

Advanced business intelligence

What firm can be a strategic match for you? In what regions and business areas are your competitors most active? How do they interact?

Find new business opportunities and tenders easily

  • Discover verified information on new construction and building renovation for historical & religious buildings worldwide
  • Set up customized email alerts for religious & historical building construction leads that matter to you so that you never again miss a construction lead
  • Increase your revenue threefold by directly spotting relevant requests for bids on historical & religious building projects
  • Stay updated on all church tenders and temple new construction business opportunities. In your target market and globally
  • With Building Radar, you can easily browse through thousands of historical & religious business opportunities from hundreds of sources on a single platform
  • Get instant notifications as soon as new tenders for historical & religious construction projects get published. Additionally, our pre-tender information guides you to business opportunities that are still unpublished
  • Find exclusive historical & religious construction sites and tenders in real time
  • The clear structure of the Building Radar platform allows you to significantly reduce the time researching government bids
  • Find historical & religious construction leads and business opportunities for all building types and phases: Churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, libraries, historical sites and landmarks, etc.
  • Follow and shape the trends of the construction industry and for spiritual & historical building construction leads in particular by analysing different markets
  • No software to install — simply log in and get to work
  • Use our infrastructure to your advantage. Track, observe, and convert historical & religious tenders into real business. Entering the bidding process was never easier
  • Discovering construction leads for spiritual & historical building construction leads worldwide can become tedious, time consuming and stressful. Building Radar helps you to never have to search for public bid requests ever again. There is no smarter way to find new historical & religious construction leads
  • Searching and tracking early-stage historical & religious business opportunities becomes easy and fast using Building Radar
  • Do not wait for customers to come to you. Proactively spot customers seeking contractors for historical & religious construction projects!
  • Building Radar identifies new historical & religious construction tenders the day they are published. Our search algorithm operates globally in real time, 24 hours a day
  • Become quicker than your competitors to spot historical & religious construction business opportunities
  • Find new business opportunities all over the world. Win more bids thanks to our comprehensive market analytics and insights
  • The search is over. Start finding leads and selling! Building Radar helps you discover and win open contracts
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