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Evaluate other parties’ affiliations with architects, contractors, owners, etc. by comparing current and historical construction projects.

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Find new business opportunities and tenders easily

  • Find verified information on sport construction bids for stadiums, gyms, wellness and spa facilities
  • Create custom email alerts for sports construction leads that are relevant for you so you never again miss a business opportunity
  • Give your revenue a boost by many times by directly identifying relevant public tenders for sports
  • Stay up to date with the newest information on stadium construction sites
  • With Building Radar, you can painlessly browse through thousands of sports construction bids from hundreds of websites in one spot
  • Be notified of new sports construction tenders on the day they are published. Additionally, our pre-tender information directs you to still unpublished business opportunities
  • Spot public sport construction bids and private business opportunities in real time
  • The clear structure of the Building Radar platform allows you to significantly reduce the time researching government bids
  • Browse sports construction projects through all phases and building types: wellness and spa facilities, stadiums, gyms, sports fields, etc.

  • Identify the trends in the construction industry and sport construction bids in particular through the analysis of different market areas
  • No need to install any software — simply log in and start finding leads
  • Use our infrastructure for your individual case. Easily track, monitor, and convert sports business opportunities into revenue. Participating in requests for bids has never been easier
  • Business opportunities and tenders can be stressful and time consuming to find. Building Radar helps you to never have to search for public sports construction tenders again. There is no smarter way to find new sports construction sites
  • Searching and tracking of early stage sports construction leads has never been easier or faster than with Building Radar
  • Proactively spot potential customers’ open sports construction tenders. Do not wait for them to come to you!
  • You can find new sports construction business opportunities on the day they are published. Our worldwide search algorithm operates 24/7 in real time.
  • Find information on sports construction projects before your competitors
  • Discover new tenders worldwide. Increase your efficiency in filtering and applying for relevant business opportunities using Building Radar’s market insight analytics
  • The search is over. Start finding leads and selling! Building Radar helps you discover and win open contracts

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