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“By using the Building Radar platform, we were able to generate 70 % more leads for the field service“

– Forbo Flooring Systems

key outcome for Forbo Flooring Systems thanks to Building Radar:


more leads for the field service


higher completion rate with key customers


more sales-active time

Thanks to Building Radar, Forbo finds building projects worldwide on a single platform

Why did you choose Building Radar?

We at Forbo Flooring Systems specialize in the production of linoleum, vinyl flooring, flooring systems, and carpet tiles. Our products are used in public buildings and offices, but also at home. As the global market leader with a market share of around 65% in the linoleum sector, we were looking for ways to make our sales processes more efficient. After looking at numerous solutions from different vendors, we came across Building Radar. We particularly liked the worldwide geographic coverage. Now we are no longer dependent on many different platforms, which used to take a considerable amount of time.

January 2017: Forbo Flooring Systems becomes a customer

July 2017: Forbo Flooring Systems successfully completes pilot phase with Building Radar

What do you find most attractive about Building Radar?

It is essential for Forbo to get involved in construction projects at an early stage. In the past, we often had the problem of being too late to hear about important construction projects. Thus, the orders were already awarded before we could tackle them. Therefore, we now primarily benefit from the Product Search. Here we indicate construction volume, trade, order value, period as well as the place of construction. With this feature, we were able to find 200% more relevant construction projects well ahead of our competitors. Building Radar has also extracted all the relevant information for each project, which saves us a great deal of time. This feature allowed us to increase our sales-active time by 8 hours per week. Above all, this benefits our customers as we invest the newly gained time in direct customer contact.

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How do you work with the Building Radar Platform at Forbo?

Forbo has five accounts for Building Radar. Since we have had very good experiences with the platform so far, we hired one employee for each of these additions. These employees take care of the job search and scheduling for the field service. The Lead Manager collects and evaluates up to 90 interesting projects every day. Afterward, every suitable construction project will be exported as a CSV file and imported into our CRM system. This enables us to pre-qualify all leads efficiently and pass them on to the field staff. By using Building Radar, we were able to generate 70% more leads for the field service.

What benefits have you experienced from working with Building Radar?

Building Radar helped us with:

  • increasing our active selling time time by 8 hours per week. A time that we can now invest directly in our customers.
  • 70% more orders for our sales force. We were able to achieve a much better capacity utilization.
  • improved pre-qualification of orders and customers. Besides, we were able to reduce our research time with the same results significantly.

Which further steps will you take to improve your sales process?

An essential part of a successful sales process is, of course, the conversion rate. Therefore, we want to pre-qualify the orders in a way that the administrative work for the field service is getting less and less. Previously we had the problem that the working hours of our sales representatives were not used efficiently. Often our sales staff were also busy with extensive research, which has suffered from direct customer contact. Thanks to Building Radar, we have saved over 1.5 hours a day for each of our sales representatives. Another crucial point is the quality of the projects. The higher quality they are, the more likely our salespeople will sell our products. Here we are on the right path and have been able to improve our graduation rate by 25%. For the future, we want to defend our market position and are very confident that we will succeed, not least with the help of Building Radar’s innovative technology.

October 2017: Forbo Flooring Systems establishes Department of Research with Building Radar

December 2017: Forbo Flooring Systems can quadruple the closing rate with key customers

February 2018: 70% more sales oportunities are created thanks to Building Radar
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Forbo Flooring Systems in profile:

Market: worldwide
Industry: flooring
Revenue: +1 Billion €
Mitarbeiter: +5000
More at:

Building Radar configuration

Number of accounts: 5
Geographic coverage: Germany
Relevant construction phases: Under construction, completed, renovation, planning
Relevant building types: Industrial plants, office and school buildings
Construction volume: +8Mio €
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