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“Building Radar convinced us with its innovative concept and a high level of user-friendliness“

– Louis Poulsen

key outcome for Louis Poulsen thanks to Building Radar:


Increase in sales with architects


new construction projects per month


time savings in the back office

Louis Poulsen increases its turnover with architects by 20%

Why did you choose Building Radar?

We at Louis Poulsen are an internationally successful lighting manufacturer. Our vision is to create a pleasant atmosphere with our products, which positively influences people as well as the spaces. In order to support our sales, Louis Poulsen has in the past tried different product solutions without significant success.

At ARCHITECT @ WORK we became aware of Building Radar; At first, we were very skeptical because of our bad experiences with other providers! In our pilot project with Building Radar, however, the platform impressed with its innovative concept and intuitive operation. It is essential for us to have a close relationship with the architects and to learn all about their construction projects. That’s exactly what Building Radar has given us. That was ultimately the main reason why we restructure our distribution with the help of a digital solution.

December 2015: Louis Poulsen becomes a customer

May 2016: Louis Poulsen successfully completes pilot phase with Building Radar

What do you find most attractive about Building Radar?

Our work at Louis Poulsen is based primarily on the Inbox. It gives us a quick overview of the up to 150 newly found construction projects that are relevant to us each month.
Still in the Article Search, we mark the construction projects as interesting or uninteresting and sort them out for the Lead Manager. The Lead Manager has two central functions for Louis Poulsen. On the one hand, we add notes to the interesting construction projects, on the other hand, we import them directly into our in-house CRM system Salesforce.
This has significantly improved our work processes and did not require any setup by our IT department.

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How do you work with the Building Radar Platform at Viessmann?

Most of the time, Louis Poulsen’s back office works closely with Building Radar. In a short time, we developed a certain routine and integrated the usage seamlessly into our daily work. In total, we invest about 1 hour daily to review the new construction projects. As soon as something is relevant for us, the file is integrated into our Salesforce CRM system as a CSV export.
Previously, we used research applications that did not have this feature, so we had to integrate it manually. By using Building Radar, we now save 3 hours a day in the office. We also try to prepare the individual projects in advance perfectly for our sales staff. This relieves our sales team of much work and in turn, generates time that we can invest in the customer. As a result, we were able to realize a turnover increase of 20% with architects – and the trend is rising!

What benefits have you experienced from working with Building Radar?

Building Radar helped us with:

  • open up new sales opportunities. With Building Radar, we’ve been able to find over 150 construction
    projects per month
    in regions where we have not been active before.
  • improvement of our internal processes. With seamless integration with our Salesforce CRM system, we
    can now reach out
    to potential customers earlier.
  • increase in turnover with architects of 20%.

Which further steps will you take to improve your sales process?

Already last year, Louis Poulsen recorded a significant increase in sales. Of course, we want to continue this positive trend in the current year and continue to work on optimizing our sales. Efficiency plays an important role here and we have already been able to continuously improve thanks to the CRM integration with Salesforce through Building Radar. We also want to continue developing new regions using the building radar platform. We are also benefiting from the recently launched Article Search, which allows us to search through thousands of newspapers and magazines, repeatedly finding areas in which we have new sales opportunities.

August 2016: Louis Poulsen extends his licenses to 10 users

January 2017: Building Radar helps Louis Poulsen to boost sales with architects by 20%

June 2017: Louis Poulsen finds new markets thanks to Building Radar
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Louis Poulsen in profile:

Market: worldwide
Industry: lighting
Revenue: +100Mio €
Mitarbeiter: +450
More at:

Building Radar configuration

Number of accounts: 12
Geographic coverage: worldwide
Relevant construction phases: Planning, design competition, completed
Relevant building types: residential complexes, office buildings
Construction volume: +5Mio €
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