Spot projects 2-3 years before construction starts!

The only real-time search engine to browse +3Mio construction sites worldwide. Track their progress from planning to realisation.

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Your search engine for construction sites

All from one platform. Track relevant construction sites. Analyse background information of involved companies.

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Find the right construction site at the perfect time

Get notified instantly any time your customer enters a new construction project. Track their progress on any construction project. We track their webpage and any local news site for you.
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Get construction leads earlier

Our secret technology detects new construction projects worldwide, months earlier than manual research, years before construction start. It operates globally in real-time, 24h/day.

Know the people in charge

Get background info on the companies involved at the construction site. Analyse their associations with architects, contractors, owners etc.
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Real-time search algorithms to track construction sites

Track relevant construction sites now and stay in the loop. Activate Email notifications and stay informed. Get started now and set up an appointment for a nonbinding online-presentation!

Track construction sites with advanced technology

You would like to know how advanced a construction site already is and also to get informed about every alteration? No problem. Let Building Radar track relevant construction sites in your target market for you. To get contracted, it is essential to know the news first. To be in the know about plan alterations faster than a competitor is a crucial factor to win the bid for a contract. With Building Radar you can completely automate the spotting and tracking of interesting construction sites and thereby focus your scarce resources on winning the client. Simply mark interesting construction sites on the platform and receive an Email for every adjustment directly into your mailbox. An Email is sent out at every adjustment: At a new construction phase, actualised contact information, a tender result or other news. By means of our smart search algorithms, you receive actualisations in real-time – faster than every call. Furthermore, Building Radar offers you the possibility of CRM integration. Thereby, you save valuable time and always keep track of potential orders. In case of questions about the further optimisation of your search profiles, or for another training for your sales teams, Building Radar allocates a Customer Success Manager to you. Additionally, the Building Radar satellite technology provides real-time pictures of the construction phase. Track your favoured construction site comfortably. With this, you save the costs as well as the time for personal visits to construction areas. Use Key Account Tracking to track construction sites of architects and engineers, with whom you already worked together in the past, or with whom you did not yet get in touch.

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Zero effort

Automatically get the right construction leads tailored to your needs based on your usage behaviour.

Always informed

Stay up-to-date throughout the whole construction bidding process. Get alerts every time when your tracked projects are updated, or new projects match your profile.

Know the people in charge

Analyse a company’s association with architects, contractors, owners etc., through historical and ongoing construction project comparisons.

Advanced business intelligence

Which companies fit you strategically? Where (regions or verticals) are your competitors most active? Who works with whom?

Optimise your sales process now

  • Find verified construction sites
  • Focus on sales instead of wasting time on lead qualification and verification of construction sites
  • Track your competitors and analyse strategic cooperations
  • Use reliable information like tender results or involved companies
  • Profit from reliable information like construction phase
  • Receive information about the worldwide property market in real-time
  • Automate your sales process
  • Find construction sites all over the world
  • Concentrate on your sales and do not waste time on doing research any longer
  • Use analysation tools and track actual market trends

  • No installation required – just get started
  • Find public tenders and filter them according to your preferences
  • Analyse the actual market situation of the global construction industry
  • Do not waste valuable time due to a manual qualification of construction sites
  • Optimise your sales efficiency
  • Analyse your target market and develop forecasts
  • Manage all your interesting construction sites on only one platform
  • Receive the newest information about construction sites at any time
  • Analyse construction sites in all construction phases: From the planning phase to the completion
  • Never again miss information about a construction site
  • Find the most actual information about construction sites of the whole globe

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