Procurement amounts up to almost 20% of the UK’s GDP. After the vote to leave the EU it is not dismissive to ask how the regulations will differ from before and what impact the changes may have on the British economy. Before the UK became part of the EU, the perception of purchasers in the public procurement process was unwieldy and restrictive. Since then, radical transformations of public procurement have been thriving. Less restrictive regulations introduced by the EU had the ulterior motive to maximize competition, gain value for money, and achieve social benefit and innovation. Attempts, such as the “National Innovation Plan” were introduced by the government to promote innovation based on suggestions from the public. This process started to include public procurements as one of its dimensions. Being part of the EU encouraged Britain to enhance social welfare, leveraging innovation, and more liberal regulations.

Regarding Brexit, our main question is, will the UK set back regulations to pre EU times or will they try to implement a similar regime as to the one they left? Certainly, some proponents of the UK leaving the bureaucracy of the EU are in favor of a less complex way to meet their needs for goods, services, works, and utilities. Nonetheless, this will remain a minority. Looking at the great ‘aftermath’ of the referendum, reforming procurement law will most likely take a backseat on the government’s mind. Thus, in the short-run the UK will presumably stick to its old legislation to regulate purchasing.

For the future, it is hard to imagine that regulations will change significantly. The UK will continue to have a relationship with the EU which means it will have to adjust to EU procurement rules. Additionally, the government will still be interested in sustainable development of procurement which is only possible by eliminating trade barriers, promoting innovation, and encouraging competition.

We think and hope that legislations will remain liberate as we support the sustainable and innovative growth of procurement. Our platform is another milestone on the path towards globalization, innovation, and a free-market economy. We aim to support economic growth by making better knowledge available to everyone, thereby improving the allocation of resources in the construction industry.


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