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Produktneuigkeiten Entwicklungen Building Radar

Have you seen our latest feature Mentions?

October 2019

With our newest feature Mentions you can simply tag your colleagues in comments to draw their attention to a new lead. The colleague you mentioned will automatically be informed by email.

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Aktivitätsbericht neue Funktion von Building Radar

User Activity Report – everything you need to know.
October 2019

With the User Activity Report, you can create reports yourself and use them to track your activities on Building Radar, see how many building projects relevant to you have been generated by Building Radar, and ensure you are using Building Radar to its full potential.

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Kollaboration, neue Funktion in Building Radar

Collaboration – work together efficiently.
August 2019

The new feature Collaboration allows all team members to work together on searches, access the inbox, view comments, and subscribe to searches on their own. So you can create additional users independently.

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