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The early bird gets the worm

Want to win more sales and grow your business? Then you need to be doing everything you can to give yourself an “unfair” advantage over your competitors.

The majority of salespeople spend their time chasing prospects who are already actively involved in making a decision. If you join them, your chances of winning are slim. ¹ discovered that the first vendor to reach a prospect and set the buying vision has a 74% close rate.

Looking for trigger events

Anything that alters a prospect’s priorities creates an opportunity for you. If you want an early bird advantage, analyze what creates change within your clients. In the construction world, a new project will often mean new company directives, budgets, and priorities – sometimes overnight. Once you have established these triggers, you should get serious about leveraging sales intelligence to track it.

Project-based selling with Artificial IntelligenceProject-based selling, the early approach

In recent years, as markets have become saturated with competition, many companies have opted into project-based selling. In the construction industry, companies are already positioning their solutions as early as the pre-planning phase, in order to stay ahead of the game. However, this approach is easier said than done. For most, this would require a heavy investment in time-consuming research – which could quickly become expensive and raise the question of added value.

Project-based selling with Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to the question of speed, capacity or actuality, machines are almost always ahead of us. This is what our founders Paul Indinger; Raoul Friedrich and Leopold Neuerburg thought when the idea of early identification of building projects was born. The problem they saw was even more essential: “If I research something today, it will already be outdated tomorrow”. Manual research is simply too slow and too expensive.

With the appropriate technical background, the idea was born to replace research with artificial intelligence. However, not with the defensive goal of saving costs, but with the newly gained knowledge that to be successful in sales, you have to be the first.


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